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Retirement is IMPOSSIBLE!
Low savings rates, high inflation, rising costs of living, zero interest rates, and a volatile real estate market have turned the retirement dream into a nightmare and a hoax!

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pension funds, and even entire governments are facing the possibility of collapse.

Achieving a well-balanced and productive retirement is all about creating a master plan now!

Marijuana Legalization: The Dam Has Burst

The Cana-Business Is Still in Its Infancy – It Reminds Us of Computers in 1985. There’s Massive Growth Ahead, But We’re Still So Early In The Game. The Next Huge Leap for the Industry is Calfornia Becoming Legal on January 1st, 2018. This is a Game-Changer: Be Ready and Educated!


From Bankruptcy court to a millionaire in 5 years – Our founder, Tom Beck, has done the impossible. Scotty Studer, our guest, is doing the same in his life by making small changes, which total big results. One sector that is changing in a big way right now is Marijuana Investing.


Real Estate Investing has been the fortune-maker for 76% of America’s Millionaires. Currently, the U.S. is not building enough homes to meet population growth, and there are massive opportunities in states like FL, TX & NC.
Portfolio Wealth Global will be extensively covering 4 major profit pillars in our newsletter.