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October 10, 2017


Nearly half of the world’s supply comes from one place: the Lithium Triangle, in South America. The reason is that the geological conditions to mine and extract lithium are the best in Chile. We have identified our No. 1 candidate for a takeover, and it’s trading, as I see it, for a 67% discount right now. Put differently, in 12-14 months, the value I slap on it is 300% higher than today’s. HERE’S the complete research on it.

September 29, 2017

hive blockchain yt

Blockchain is the future of financial services. It will impact every aspect of life, starting with banking, saving and investing, and all the way to health care and food. It’s bigger than the internet and this is the BIGGEST Opportunity anywhere in the world right now. Get the Details on Our No.1 Company HERE!

March 28, 2017

Marijuana Legalization: The Dam Has Burst

The Cana-Business Is Still in Its Infancy – It Reminds Us of Computers in 1985. There’s Massive Growth Ahead, But We’re Still So Early In The Game. The Next Huge Leap for the Industry is Calfornia Becoming Legal on January 1st, 2018. This is a Game-Changer: Be Ready and Educated!

January 23, 2017


In Today’s World, there is heavy resistance to using fossil fuels, and the age of gasoline powered cars is coming to an end. Nanotechnology is using brilliant methods to extract the most out of lithium batteries for affordable prices. This could revolutionize the industry, and one company has already DOUBLED this year for a 100% to shareholders. Click HERE for details!