KNEECAPPED: China Governs Gold & Bitcoin in 2018!

The President of the United States is walking on thin ice. No matter how it’s portrayed in the media, politicians go through rigorous Q&A sessions with their advisors before drafting any news releases, especially as fatal as the one Trump made about Jerusalem being the official capital of Israel a number of days ago.

Silver Surging: This is Our GO-TO Stock!

This took me a long time to figure out because it’s contrary to everything that we’re taught about investments, but I found out that it’s the essential key for us to make 572% gains in 7 months – that’s 81% per month, or 980% in a single year.

Remember this valuable lesson: The market will always find ways to supply the demand of consumers.

Look at What Gold Just Did!

This Week, Gold Flashed a Bullish Signal We Haven’t Seen in Over a Year. Paul Singer is the CEO of Elliott Management, a fund that boasts one of the most impressive long-term track records, generating a compound annual growth rate of 13.5% since its inception in 1977, with only two down years.

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