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Bitcoin's price has been holding stead in October, compared with the market mayhem. Bakkt is a GAME-CHANGER.

Essential Documentaries:

Absolute Submission: Paper Currency R.I.P – Cryptocurrency Micro-Doc!

The stupendous rise in price, a 5,600,000% move for Bitcoin, makes it front-page news, but there are more Apple shareholders than Bitcoin owners, by far. Cryptocurrencies have cleared many hurdles in 2017: Proposed regulation is talked about in virtually every nation. The idea that cryptocurrencies only serve criminals has been discarded as the bigger picture is revealed. Many big-time, ultra-successful, smart, and experienced financial experts have expressed their enthusiasm of the positive impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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Planet Tech: Redefining The Future

In Today’s World, there is heavy resistance to using fossil fuels, and the age of gasoline powered cars is coming to an end. Nanotechnology is using brilliant methods to extract the most out of lithium batteries for affordable prices. This could revolutionize the industry, and one company has already DOUBLED this year for a 100% to shareholders. Click HERE for details!

Retirement Impossible: The ZERO Interest Rate Era

Retirement is IMPOSSIBLE!
Low savings rates, high inflation, rising costs of living, zero interest rates, and a volatile real estate market have turned the retirement dream into a nightmare and a hoax!

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pension funds, and even entire governments are facing the possibility of collapse.

Achieving a well-balanced and productive retirement is all about creating a master plan now!

CryptoCurrencies: The Future of Digital Money

VORTEX: Bitcoin’s Bear Market Nears EXPIRATION DATE – All-Time Highs APPROACHING!

Bitcoin's price has been holding stead in October, compared with the market mayhem. Bakkt is a GAME-CHANGER.

Frank Holmes, HIVE Blockchain Tech: WALL-STREET LOVING BITCOIN!

Michelle Holiday intervews Frank Holmes, chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies, about the expansion of crypto mining.

Simon Dixon: BITCOIN STAGING COMEBACK – ETF Approval Critical!

Tom Beck’s top 5 altcoins of 2018! Go to:


TONE VAYS ANALYSIS: BTC $1,300-$5,000, Then $20,000 On NEW BULL MARKET!

Cryptocurrency is non confiscatable. For the first time in human history, an asset exists, which a government will have tremendous difficulties seizing or stealing.

BTC Sessions Founder (Ben Perrin): 100,000’s of Cryptocurrencies COMING!

Blockchain technology is breaking barriers and entering the cannabis sector, as well as artificial intelligence! PortfolioWealthGlobal.com is about to cover two new stocks! Subscribe now!

NOTHING is Unique About 70% BTC Drop – Stay CALM: Jeffrey Tucker

Cryptocurrencies are suffering bad. Same as in the early days of the car industry, we hear mostly about the dangers and the accidents, yet not so much about what blockchain can truly do to improve commerce. This is what a bottom feels like!

Trace Mayer: $115,000 BITCOIN HUGE Prediction & Dollar Smash UPDATE!

With BTC on the verge of making another move higher, miners are about to make a killing, but the most incredible opportunity of all, is the Blockchain Monetization Model.

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BITCOIN DOUBLES: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Planting Flag (HIVE Blockchain Chairman)

After an epic smash from $20,000 to $5,900, Bitcoin is back up over $11,000 and HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSX-V: HIVE & US:HVBTF) is up right along with it.
Get the full and comprehensive overview of operations, including their September 2018 Projectsion of their new BTC facility at PortfolioWealthGlobal.com/must

Crypto Love: Privacy-Based Cryptocurrencies EXPLODE!

Trump’s Tax Reform is on the horizon! The Stock Market has already priced in the Tax Plan. This means that as soon as it is passed. We migh see the top for the loss Bull Market. Prepare for the Crash!

ROGER VER: Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin Core – The DUEL!

Our Top Cryptocurrency alert from 3 weeks ago is 1,000%. New exclusive report coming out to subscribers of the newsletter on 2018’s Top 5 Cryptocurrencies’. Make sure your subscribed!

Cannabis Innovators:

Chris Miller (KOIOS Beverage Corp): Complete Overview of 30-day, 525% RALLY!

Chris Miller, CEO of Koios Beverage Corps. (CSE:KBEV) gives an overview of their 525% rally.

RAINMAKER ALERT: This Stock Is Ready for All-Time HIGHS!

Historical moment coming! Canada legalization is a major game-changer! Go to:


BEATING BUFFETT: The Most Certain Bull Market – Cannabis! (W/Pure Global Cannabis)

Portfolio Wealth Global's no.1 cannabis investments:Pure Global Cannabis (TSX-V: Pure & OTC: PRCNF)!

Blockchain Tech Fits Cannabis Legalization like A Glove: Eli McVey

Huge announcement coming! 2017 Winners: Aurora Cannabis 297%, Aphria 174%, Canopy Growth 126%, Emerald Health 229%

RED TAPE: Major Loophole For Strategic Investors – EXCLUSIVE!

Currently, banks are barred from entering the cannabis sector. This allows royalty companies to dominate the California cannabis market. After researching 52 cannabis stocks, this is the one!

Middle-Class Women Becoming Leading Cannabis Consumers: Jacob Crow

In the months of March and April, two of the most incredible, new opportunities in the Cannabis Sector are going public. Portfolio Wealth Global will be the FIRST newsletter in the world to cover them!

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Sumit Mehta: Critical Insights Into Cannabis Investments Fortunes!

2018 is shaping up to be the year of unbelievable gains with Cannabis Stocks! Tom Beck, Founder of Portfolio Wealth Global, is currently in the U.S. Meeting with CEO’s of 3 MAJOR opportunities. We will alert them in the coming weeks. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter!

2020 ELECTIONS: Cannabis To Determine NEXT President – Exclusive!

The “Sessions Effect” has made investors SCARED of California Cannabis and No.1 Canadian Stock doubled within days! Now that investors sold-off California Cannabis deals, there are BARGAINS! During January and February, Portfolio Wealth Global will be publishing our Top Picks.

January 1st, 2018: California Making Cannabis History – J. Pakulis Exclusive

Among states that have legalized recreational marijuana, none is more vital to the success of the pro-legalization movement, or to the industry, than California. Legal weed sales are expected to grow in North America by 26% a year through 2021, yielding a nearly $22 billion market. This is a massive opportunity!

Bringing Hi-Tech into Cannabis: Mike Weiss

Both Canada and California are about to legalize weed. As we see it, this will be the turning point for the industry and set the bar for other states and countries around the world! The opportunity couldn’t be more profound!

Cannabis Bigger than Wheat and Corn: 2018 Tipping Point!

In April, Canada’s prime minister, introduced legislation to legalize marijuana by July 2018. Canada’s cannabis market could grow 10-fold! This is an opportunity no savvy investor can ignore. Study the Cannabis market HERE!

Cannabis Industry Dominating U.S. Economy: Christian Valdez

California Is About To Legalize Cannabis on the 1st of January, 2018! This will Totally Change The Trajectory of the Industry and Put it on the Map for Investors. 3 out of every 4 doctors are now in favor of legalization, and it’s only a matter of time. Get the most accurate information and become educated HERE!

Cannabis Investments: Institutional Money Still Years Away! Christian .H.

Of the 40 top-performing stocks in this niche, eight posted gains of 2,000%, 3,000%, 4,000% and up to 5,000% over the past two years. That’s 20 companies (half of the index) posting gains of 1,000% or higher. This is the time to become educated on opportunities!

Rep. Roger Goodman: Cannabis Will Be The American Way!

30 states have legalized medicinal use, 8 states have legalized recreational use and the numbers are growing! An untold fortune is at stake!

Eric Gomez, CEO Canopy San Diego: Investing In Canna-Entrepreneurs!

With California Legalizing January 1st, 2018, The Investment Opportunity with Marijuana Companies is Solid. Get Educated on The Various Aspects of the Business!

Keith Stroup, Founder of NORML: The Politics Of Cannabis!

Marijuana legalization is in full throttle! Over 50% of Americans are recreational weed, and close to 90% are pro medicinal Cannabis! The opportunity is clear-cut!

Canna-Business: Rebranding The Industry Is KEY!

The Cannabis industry is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. business, and early investments will make Pioneer shareholders a fortune!

Marijuana Industry: Investors’ Ticket To Fortune!

As Canada introduces legal Marijuana, a windfall of profits will occur and it’s imperative to prepare in advance.

Warren Pulley: Marijuana Is Big Business – Security Expertise Thriving!

The Cana-Business Is Still in Its Infancy – It Reminds Us of Computers in 1985. There’s Massive Growth Ahead, But We’re Still So Early In The Game. The Next Huge Leap for the Industry is Calfornia Becoming Legal on January 1st, 2018. This is a Game-Changer: Be Ready and Educated!

Leaders of Tomorrow:


Shelter your Portfolio from the Bonds COLLAPSE: http://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/Bonds/ http://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/Bear/


Shelter your Portfolio from the Bonds COLLAPSE:


The next president, Trump or otherwise, will open this Pandora's Box, this can of worms, and will have to project reality to the people of the United States regarding the unsustainable route that Washington has been taking for many years. 


The greatest threat to the American dollar isn't higher interest rates. It isn't a dominant Chinese economy or Russian spies. It isn't Bitcoin as well.

CHARLES HUGH SMITH: U.S. Government Is Destroying Capitalism WORLDWIDE!

The greatest threat to the American dollar isn't higher interest rates. It isn't a dominant Chinese economy or Russian spies.

MARC FABER: Make Bear Market Preparations – DELUGE AHEAD!

Dr. Marc Faber is famous for calling great tops and horrific bottoms. Make sure your portfolio is ready for a bear market.

Thomas Coughlin: GOLD-BACKED CRYPTOCURRENCY: Kinesis.money

Bitcoin is erupting! With the mainstream adoption via the upcoming ETFs, the idea of USD$$-backed global economics is eroding! The future of currencies is in the balance.

From $130M to A POTENTIAL $10B: “New Jeff Bezos” Lays Out A.I. MASTER PLAN! (Globalive Exclusive)

Tech (TSX-V: LIVE & USE: LVVEF): MEGA IPO! Full report at:


Founder/CEO owns 40% of shares! Joint ventures in place to build revenue streams! Team built Kodak one token! Artificial intelligence / blockchain: first to market advantage!

Karl Denninger: DEFICIT Is Deliberate – AMERICA Has Sold Out to CORPORATIONS!

The system is designed to bankrupt the people, exploit weaknesses, pry on vulnerability, capitalize on ignorance and bank on others' mistakes. Financially, emotionally, and physically, big corporations study your daily routines in order to sell you stuff you don't really need, but it's up to you to educate yourself!

Price CAD$0.49. TARGET: CAD$1.40. The Cheapest Gold Company – CEO Exclusive!

Fist Mining Gold (TSX:FF & US:FFMGF) is cheaper than its peers on average! Shares have to triple (300% gain) in order to revert to mean. CAD $0.44 is todays price and its close to an all-time low!

Korn Guitarist Wesley Geer: Getting Over Addictions & Becoming Awake!

Tom Beck, Founder of Portfolio Wealth Global, started out young, because he had no choice. The family business was destroyed by poor management 3 times, and that forced Tom to become independence at 14. Many of us are building wealth and need guidance. Subscribe to Portfolio Wealth Global’s FREE newsletter.

Saving a Boatload In Unnecessary Taxes: Moshe Amsel

Taxes are a HUGE expense. On March 5th, we will release an exclusive report with sophisticated tax strategies ANYONE can use.

Industry Experts Panel:


Gold bear market is still HERE! During this downturn, you must learn to protect and control your portfolio. We've created a FULL-SCOPE guide, packed with 11 time-tested strategies.

Charles Nenner: This Crash Will Send SHOCKWAVES To All Corners of the PLANET!

Michelle Holliday interviews financial analyst Charles Nenner about the impending fluctuation in the markets.

Bill Murphy, GATA.ORG: Debt Will Crater USD – Major Factors Signaling THE END!

Portfolio Wealth Global's founder is always on the lookout for massive profit opportunities, like NEO (the crypto asset), which he profiled at $1 and went as high as $160, but his core holdings revolve around long-term compounding.

STEVE ST. ANGELO, SRSROCCO: Now We Will Pay The consequences!

Portfolio Wealth Global's founder is always on the lookout for massive profit opportunities, like NEO (the crypto asset), which he profiled at $1 and went as high as $160, but his core holdings revolve around long-term compounding.

Mickey Fulp: August is Worst Month for GOLD, Expect Meaningful BOTTOMING!

Huge game-changer! Blockchain technology in the use of precious metals accounting! The future is made-up of full transparency.

CHRIS MARTENSON: Silver’s Future & U.S. Biggest DEBT Problems SPECIAL!

My top four stocks for 2018!


Opening up my personal treasure trove!



Artificial intelligence is becoming the most profitable new industry in the world. Ex-CEO of the year in Toronto is about to IPO the first A.I/ Blockchain company on the planet. Portfolio Wealth Global will have the full report out! Subscribe at: www.portfoliowealthglobal.com

BILL HOLTER: Weekend Shock, 50% Drop, TREAD LIGHTLY!

MARGIN DEBT POINTING TO STOCK MARKET BUBBLE! Portfolio Wealth Global sees a 20-30% drop in prices. Make sure you implement sophisticated hedging!

DOOM: No Way Out for Federal Government, USD – Jeff Berwick!

Shelter your Portfolio from the Bonds COLLAPSE: PortfolioWealthGlobal.com/Bonds Get Immediate Access to our Exclusive Report on the Coming STOCK MARKET CRASH: https://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/crash/ Download Our Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for 2018 AT: https://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/top5/ The Gold Bull Market is Weeks Away From Hitting FULL THROTTLE. Get Educated NOW: https://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/goldplaybook/ Cannabis Legalization is a HUGE Industry - the Potential Fortunes are Incredible. GO TO: https://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/cannabispioneers/

Petro Dollar Death, Fascism in America is Screwing Middle-Class: Gerald Celente

The Stock Market is about to take a nose dive! Every time unemployment rates were below 4.5%, the Stock Market was down 1 year later. Protect yourself now!

$12,415 to $4,724,000: Bar Mitzvah Money Millionaire Unearthed!

Bitcoin: $800 to $17,000, Dash $30 to $700, Litecoin $20 to $340. Portfolio Wealth Global subscribers have made ASTONISHING gains in 2017!

G. Edward Griffin: Blockchain a Double-Edge Sword – FED Expose’

Trump’s Tax Reform is on the horizon! The stock market has already priced in the TAX PLAN. This means that as soon as it is passed, we might see the top for this long Bull Market. Prepare for the CRASH!

Chris Duane: YouTube Censorship & $960 Silver In The Cards!

Watch the price movement of Oil, as it directly indicates where silver is going next. The big change will occur as oil goes above $65 per barrel. We will be watching this closely in the coming weeks on Portfolio Wealth Globals newsletter and HERE.

Gold $10 Per Ounce: Distressed Market Contrarianism – Keith Neumeyer

Building 2 Billion-Dollar companies, and a 3rd on the way. Keith Neumeyer is a legend in the natural resources sector. Shareholders have made fortunes with him, and this is the most undervalued company!

Urbanization & Clean Technological Minerals: Huge Upside – Jigar Shah

Elon Musk, Larry Page, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet are all invested in the mega-trend.

Lithium is a critical metal, but in every Lithium battery, there a more kilos of this mineral and it’s scarce!

Small Changes, Big Results: Master-Coach Scotty Studer

Portfolio Wealth Global Multi-millionaire Founder Tom Beck is 35, and attributes his wealth to 5 core strategies.

Making It Big Off Wall-Street – Real Estate Wealth: Mark Podolsky

Real estate has played a major role in wealth creation in the 20th & 21st centuries. Portfolio Wealth Global is publishing a 4-part series to rookie real estate investors!

CEO's Open Discussions Corner:

52 Week Lows – Commodities Bottoming: USD Bull Goes Cold! (Amir Adnani)

2018 Catalysts: Tax cuts free up capital for the Middle-Class, allow companies to raise wages, allow the government to run their infrastructure plans and expand military budgets. North Korea remains a threat, while Russia is openly challenging U.S. Dollar dominance – Uranium’s production cuts are MASSIVE!

Lithium Demand to Dramatically Explode: EV’s Becoming Affordable!

Demand for battery-grade lithium compounds is expected to skyrocket in the next decades in tandem with soaring demand for electric cars as governments and individual consumers try to reduce their carbon footprint. This is the No. 1 Lithium company out there.

Gold $10 Per Ounce: Distressed Market Contrarianism – Keith Neumeyer

Building 2 Billion-Dollar companies, and a 3rd on the way. Keith Neumeyer is a legend in the natural resources sector. Shareholders have made fortunes with him, and this is the most undervalued company!

The Biggest Success Secret To Mining Riches: Rick Rule

Rick Rule believes in PEOPLE first. One Mining Entrepeneur has two billion-dollar companies under his belt, and a 3rd on the way. Read the full report.

Keith Neumeyer: My Core SILVER and Zinc Holdings

The world’s only mineral bank resource company is trading for historical lows. Read our full research here.

Rick Rule: Why I Am Super Bullish On This Zinc Stock

Over 50% of deposits have been advanced to production, totaling 32 mines which have led to 86 consecutive years of mining – this region is the top mining zone in the world, and this company is the most undervalued out there.

PEAK GOLD: Geopolitical Chaos, Global Debt & Inflation – Stocks Exploding!

Fiore Group, which is responsible for Lithium X (8,000% growth in 2 years), HIVE Blockchain TECH (900% in 3 initial Trading Months) and Wheaton River (Sold to Goldcorp) is now FOCUSING on Nevada’s Gold Market. This is the One.

PWG Appearances: Guest Appearances

Founder Interview: How To Become Financially Independent

Trump’s victory, the Federal Reserve rate hikes, Asia’s renewed accelerated growth, baby boomer retirement demographic cliff, higher inflation, and a political and social crisis in Europe have all changed the cards, and we must play our hand differently.

This is the time to fortify your portfolio and prepare.
Get Insider Access to the Portfolio of Founder Lior Gantz.