A Chance to Wash Away Every Investing Mistake You’ve Ever Made…

Dear Reader,

When the inevitable becomes imminent, we stand a chance to see one of the biggest gains of my entire investing career.

Right now, I’m seeing one of the best trades.

I’ve never been more excited to share a money-making opportunity with our subscribers; I’m going to give you the name and symbol of the stock today.

It’s listed on the NYSE, so everyone can own it.

Before I get into any details, I need to first point out a few very important trends that I believe give us extremely limited downside but extraordinary upside potential.

#1: The only asset that’s cheap While stocks are hitting all-time highs, there is one sector that could benefit the most from all the central bank intervention and deficit spending, and it happens to be a sector where valuations are at 100-year lows!

To be clear, if the entire sector doubled, it would still be dirt cheap!

What are the odds that the S&P 500 doubles in the next 2 years? I would say slim to none, but with the beaten down gold and silver mining shares, I’m willing to bet ALL my money on them doubling as a sector over the next 24 months.

However, that’s not what excites me.

What has me screaming and yelling today are the individual stock opportunities where we can make 10x to 20x our money over the next few years.

Let me give you the perfect example: the last time the metals had just a 4-month bounce where gold went from $1,041 to $1,350, the stock I’m going to suggest to you today went up 7x in a matter of months!

Imagine turning every $1,000 into $7,000 in less than 6 months. $10,000 into $70,000… or $25,000 into $175,000.

#2: Central banks are out of control and will absolutely take us over a financial cliff.

They’re all in this together, which is why they continue to buy gold themselves.

Think about it: the bankers who control currency around the world are hoarding physical gold right now.

Meanwhile, they’re encouraging you to get into debt with low interest rates and telling you to buy stocks and 30-year bonds at 2% – or worse, with negative real yields.

***This is all coming to a head, and in my opinion, no other asset class will benefit more than the precious metals, specifically the companies that mine gold and silver.

Remember, gold moves first, then silver, but with silver, the percentage gains always outpace gold.

#3: SILVER Shortage – It’s going to make every other asset look bad (even gold when you compare metal to metal).

Everything we do requires two metals: copper and silver.

The world mined approximately 800 million ounces of silver in 2019, which means production has gone down 3 years in a row.

Even so, global silver consumption will be 1 billion ounces this year.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve had a 500-million-ounce silver deficit.

We mine 8 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold, yet gold trades 85x higher than silver.

Historically, this number is closer to 50 if you look at the last 4 decades.

It’s even lower if you go back and look at a 2,000-year history – then it’s more like 15-to-1.

Electric vehicles consume 3x the amount of silver as a regular gas-powered car.

Solar wasn’t even registrable 12 years ago, and today it accounts for 100 million ounces of silver, or 13% of global consumption per year.

My point is that silver is a precious metal, a monetary metal that has an industrial side to it, and it’s off the charts when it comes to how much silver we’re going to need in the future compared to how much the world can produce.

It’s inevitable, in my opinion, that the price of silver will go up.

A violent move higher due to the 3 trends I just mentioned above is imminent.

There’s no question that there’s a multi-year shortage in progress.

On a technical level, silver has much more room above than below as the spot price works its way back up towards the near-$50 region attained in April of 2011. I alerted my readers that 2019 would prove to be the bottom and that’s playing out perfectly; the days of sub-$14 silver are likely behind us, but there’s still a long ride back to $50 and beyond.

Seriously, This is the Safest and Best Idea I’ve Ever Had for a Speculation Investment

First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) is the purest primary silver producer on the public markets.

40% of the company is owned by institutions.

9.9% is owned by a single company, which happens to be the KING in this space: Wheaton Precious Metals (formerly Silver Wheaton).

This is a real silver producer, with the majority of its income coming from silver.

Pan American Silver, for example, receives only 39% of its revenues from silver.

In fact, it’s probably more factual for them to rename themselves Pan American Gold.
First Majestic Silver is the ONLY silver stock I own.
To be frank, if I could only invest all of my money in one company for the next 1 to 10 years, this is it!

Recommendation: Consider buying shares of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG), the purest silver producer on the planet.

The explosion of new demand and uses for silver is happening at a time when mines are drying up and in decline worldwide.

Mine supply is down 4% since 2015 and it’s expected to be down again in 2019.

***The world already consumes a billion ounces of silver per year, and in 2015 we topped out at 894 million ounces of silver production. Last year it was around 856 million ounces, and this year it’s expected to be just over 800 million ounces.***

Silver, in my opinion, will be the best investment of the next decade.

The 2020s are going to be great for precious metal investors, especially for the silver mining stocks.

Our recommendation of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) is the purest primary silver producer on the planet!

Like any other miner, they produce more than just silver: a third of their revenue comes from GOLD.

When you add it all up, they produced approximately 16 million silver-equivalent ounces in 2017.

In 2018, it grew to more than 22 million ounces.

For 2019, they hit 25 million ounces!

It’s a Keith Neumeyer company, which is all I need to know.

This is the most relentless person I’ve met, and he’s the most successful as well.

Prior to starting First Majestic Silver, now a $2 billion company, he was the founder of First Quantum, a copper company that became a billion-dollar producer.

Keith knows how to grow a business, and even more importantly, set up his investors for big gains.

First Majestic acquired the world-class San Dimas mine in 2018.

Which has already doubled their annual production!

He’s also grown the company’s in-ground reserves by 43% from 120 million silver-equivalent ounces in 2017 to 171 million in 2019.

In my opinion, AG is and will continue to be the go-to silver stock.

It’s the purest in the silver peer group and it’s had consistent growth over the last 10 years.
Own some physical silver for monetary reasons and consider investing in First Majestic Silver for the potential upside we see ahead.

Recommendation: Make First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) a core stock in your portfolio.

The recent short attack on the company has given us an opportunity to purchase shares cheaply at a time when silver could become the next big investment theme for large institutions and retail investors.

It’s going to be hard to beat owning this stock in 2020, in my opinion.

Silver has EVERYTHING going for it overall: monetary demand is rising, coins and bars rose roughly 20% from 2017 to 2018, and it looks like it will print even more growth once  we get the 2019 numbers.

In our analysis, demand for coins will inevitably rise and explode as central banks worldwide continue to print and experiment with their economies with negative rates and quantitative easing.

The physical demand for silver will be severely stressed from both industrial and monetary demand.

Laws like California’s will only add to the growing annual deficit as more and more silver is needed

***2020 ALERT!*** My home state of California will require ALL new homes to add solar panels.

This will be a substantial increase in the silver needed to produce all the photovoltaic cells.

Other governments will soon follow, in our analysis.

Massachusetts already has two bills coming to the governor’s desk. SB1957 calls for all-new residential and commercial construction to have solar panels and SB1995 takes it even further by requiring solar panels on all renovated state-owned buildings.

According to Pew Research, 89% of Americans support the country moving towards more solar.

As for electric vehicles, which the entire world is turning to, they require 3x the amount of silver as a regular combustion engine.

France is phasing out all petroleum and diesel cars by the year 2040.

Other governments, like China, are investing billions into having EV car charging stations nationwide.

This all leads me to believe that silver itself is one of the safest long-term ideas I’ve ever had.

To maximize my own exposure to silver, I’ll be personally investing regularly in First Majestic Silver (AG).

This will perhaps be one of the best investment calls of my career, if not the best investment I’ve ever made.

First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) is my NUMBER-ONE priority right now!

Consider becoming a shareholder of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG)!

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