Doubters haven’t bought into it and Trump haters have downplayed the importance, the significance and the scope of the deal between China and the U.S., But at the end of the day, a country that has been eating a free lunch for three decades, at the expense of the American worker, has been persuaded that it should act more like a western country than an emerging nation that disregards the western rule book and we have a deal struck.

Tariffs are not a big threat anymore, nor are Twitter bashings of Chinese currency manipulation.

We are at the starting point of a new global era; it’s a lot to take in, but Trump can add another notch to his belt.

This success, along with the avoidance of escalation in the Middle East (after the drone assault on Iran’s top general), both add to Trump’s legitimacy, as well as reduce the chances of anything materializing from the impeachment saga.

With 10 months to go until elections, I expect the establishment to crank out the heavy artillery and do anything within reason and the law to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected.

On the flip side, Trump’s pockets are lined up with plenty of donors’ money and it will require hundreds of millions to sway voters towards any of the current democratic nominees.

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    China and the U.S. combine for nearly 40% of global GDP. Their joint might and economic force is without precedence.

    To put it in perspective, the European Union, collectively made up of 28 member nations, is smaller than the U.S. economy.

    Japan and India, jointly, have a GDP of about 40% the size of America’s.

    In terms of natural resources, the U.S. is sitting on an estimated $46 trillion in oil, natural gas and other minerals. Of the world’s 500 biggest companies, 20% are domiciled in the U.S.; it has the largest number of billionaires as well.

    With all of this, the major issue is that the way the private sector is run, debt has exploded for corporations, as well as for the government.

    There is no real solution to this, AT LEAST not from CEOs or from the private sector. If a shortage of skilled labor arises, corporations will continue to rely on a global workforce.

    It is apparent to all that the path of unfunded obligations that the federal government has undertaken will be restructured in the future, so the currency’s relative strength will trend downward in the decade ahead, as the baby boomers put massive weight on the system.

    With trillion-dollar annual deficits, the biggest issue that the U.S. faces is that gold only covers 7% of the fiat dollars out there.

    Portfolio Wealth Global anticipates that by 2029, that coverage ratio will be bumped to 10% and as high as 12% of the currency supply. Judging by the ever-increasing size of the economy, we project that gold’s nominal price will be over $3,100/ounce, on the low end. Using a 2.5% inflation rate, instead of the forecasted 1.5% rate, the price of one ounce will be $4,300.

    We also regard 2020 as an important year for gold.

    The dollar has peaked for the cycle, in our view. This means that the price of many commodities is set to go up with the removal of tariffs. Gold has a shot to trade above its Iran-panic price of $1,611, all things being equal.

    In fact, if economic activity picks up in the coming quarter, we DO NOT foresee the FED curbing the enthusiasm, by hiking rates. Therefore, reflation could send gold up by 15% in 2020, resulting in a high of over $1,700/ounce.

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