AMERICA: You’re Getting SQUEEZED Out!


MAJOR UPDATE: As an intro to today’s warning about the risks that are being employed in general businesses and the need to truly stand out in today’s global economy, I want to highlight that 60 days ago, Portfolio Wealth Global covered a new stock. We said it was too expensive to own back then, but should it drop below CAD$1.20, it would be cheap enough to command a wide margin of safety for us. This past Friday, it closed at CAD$1.08, a 52-week low. Therefore, we are officially beginning to cover Wealth Minerals (TSX-V: WML & US: WMLLF) as the No.1 lithium stock on the planet right now. It is much cheaper than the big names, which have only 30%-50% invested in their lithium projects with the rest in other commodities, and it has a significant cost and grade advantage compared with the “dreamers,” who are fantasizing about succeeding in regions, where lithium is non-competitive concerning pricing (low-grade and not on suraface).


Why The Middle-Class Is Dead

30 years ago, my father was in business. As an entrepreneur, he was involved in trade and commerce and because this dates back to pre-internet days, finding professionals in China, who had superior skills in manufacturing, but weren’t correctly marketing their abilities, was common, if you had the foresight to visit China and actually drive to the countryside to find these mom and pop operations.With today’s online presence, it is next to impossible to find a quality solution-provider, who no one else knows about.

The abundance of people, in general, and the relative ease with which copying commercial success principles has become, literally drove away all wage increases and the need to pay top dollar for quality labor. At any given point, droves of individuals and companies are at our fingertips, ready, able, and willing to perform tasks at the highest level.

The need to specialize and to be able to perform tasks, which a rare few are capable of, is the only job, which justifies a high salary.

Running a large company, for example, which is considered extremely complex, brings with it ridiculously high compensation.

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”17001″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]In our world, in-depth, logical and independent thinking and inspirational leadership skills have become so valued, compared with managing people or executing tasks, that at the top of the food chain sit those, who are mentally capable of standing up to the pressures of Corporate America and running businesses.

The future is going to be no different.

In other words, the business world is now willing to pay more to the people, who are in a constant state of improvement, determined to advance daily, and bring 100% of their talent to work, keeping their daily lives and their nagging problems separate from work-performance.

This is challenging, but the few, who are up to the task, reap a disproportionate share of the wealth pie.

You can deem this good or bad, just or corrupt, delusional or realistic, but your best choice is to accept it and adapt to it.

Many smart, brilliant people even, are stuck in a rut because they lack social skills, for instance. Millions of hard-working people have zero assets, no real wealth, and a close to meaningless savings account because they stopped putting effort into personal development when they got out of college.

Nothing could be further from the actual construct of society.

There are tens of thousands of lawyers out there, but unless you find a way to specialize, you will not make progress, even if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on formal education. The same is true of doctors, salesman, barbers, and advertisers.

This global economy is highly competitive, as you have noticed, judging by the fact that salaries in Asia are to the tune of $3-$10 a day for billions of hard-working individuals.

On the flip side, an eye surgeon performing 5-6 operations a month, each lasting between 15 minutes and 2 hours, can earn over $15,000 every month.

It is having a specialization that matters today.

Amazon sells tens of thousands of books, but it takes a unique author to find a topic, which becomes a best seller.

The middle-class prospered, since the rest of the world wasn’t competing with America. It was busy rebuilding itself after WW2.

That is no longer the case – America has no labor advantage over any other region, so if you’re looking to build a career, your ticket is between those ears, not by relocating to NYC.

Portfolio Wealth Global will continue to share how we are personally acting and investing in today’s environment. The key is understanding that the free lunch is long gone.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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