ATROCIOUS Inflation: We Just Hit ZERO HOUR!

September will be one for the record books.

It’s hard to imagine that after 9.5 years of a bull market, one of its most aggressive stages is about to begin, but this is precisely what will happen, as the cash troves that pension funds and private equity groups are holding back right now, because investors are TERRIFIED, will be unleashed on the stock market.

Cash positions are extremely high, but not because investors don’t see value anywhere. The main reason is that President Trump’s administration and its policies have rattled the confidence of big-time traders.

In the U.S., real estate shortages are a reality. As commercial banks take advantage of higher interest rates, the government makes its proposed investments into infrastructure, and Millennials leave home to start families, construction will boom.

Portfolio Wealth Global doesn’t see prices of homes exploding, since more supply will help to stave-off the increased demand, but the economy will boom, especially in areas, where Millennials find employment opportunities.

Real estate demand increases money velocity. It also increases the money supply of average Americans, not the big boys on Wall Street, but the little guys on Main Street.

Real inflation, not asset inflation, but across the board inflation for basic essentials, which stems from even a small rise in wages, is coming.

The impact of this is enormous and not only on stocks and bonds, but on the global economy. The U.S. is the growth engine, which Europe and Asia rely on.

Nothing happens in this world without a booming U.S. economy.


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    Right now, the stock market is booming, but not the overall economy. In other words, stocks do not represent the average person at all.

    Sure, people have jobs, but they don’t have promising careers, for the most part.

    They have low-paying jobs and need to agree to an insane amount of weekly shifts, or work somewhere else, a second job, to meet their obligations.

    This is not a booming business environment, but it is about to become one.

    You see, the domestic oil industry in the U.S. is now one of the biggest on the planet. Shale oil is a bonanza.

    On top of that, real estate, which has always been the backbone of the U.S. economy, will be in high demand for at least a decade, as Millennials will build families. Combine that with this energy renaissance and you will understand why this contrarian outlook is a profitable one.

    It is also high inflationary.

    While everyone else is piling cash positions to take advantage of the “crash,” which every gold bug and gloom and doom “expert” is prophesying for years, I can tell you that crashes don’t occur when everyone is sitting on giant cash hoards.

    Headed our way is inflation, more inflation, a severe one.

    The only thing missing to complete this picture is the promise of new and exciting trade deals.

    Portfolio Wealth Global sees a global rally, once the cloud hanging over global trade clears and investors see hope again.

    I am betting on this rally, and with my own money, I am placing a trade on a tiny company, which has the potential to be bought out in 12-18 months for 3-5 times its current market cap. 

    I’m wrapping up my research by the end of today, so that tomorrow I’ll be publishing it in full. 

    Gold is about to reverse course and steadily gain – a Millennials boom, which no one accounts for, will be the primary reason for it.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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