BACK FROM THE DEAD: Gold Stages Comeback!

One of the areas that perplexes investors who learn about the origins of the Federal Reserve – the false ideas behind fractional reserve banking, the stupidity of running endless deficit spending programs, the absurdity of creating money out of thin air, and allowing politicians to plunder the middle-class via taxation and inflation – is that the system can even remain intact for more than a day. 

As the chart below shows, even this current Q1 2019 rally could all be part of a bear market rebound before it rolls over once more.

The markets can appear to be one thing, yet be altogether different. These deceptions can linger on for years, even decades, operating under false notions and theories.


For most of the human race’s time on this planet, it was common knowledge that the earth was flat. Maps depicting the end of the world as a cliff which ships fall off– just like Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner in Looney Tunes – are part of our history.

Theories about planet Earth and the universe as a whole ranged from giant turtles stacked on top of each other, holding the planet in place, to the sun circling Earth. There were literally thousands of made-up, logical schools of thought; all of them backed by “hard” evidence.

Still, even with all of these erroneous depictions of the world around us, the race progressed, moving out of caves and into homes; from hunters and gatherers into farmers; from living in the dark to controlling electrons; from using a horse to leveraging engines – and the rate of progress is in full swing.

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If we were to resurrect people who died in 1990, they wouldn’t recognize much of the world around them. Amazingly, scientists claim that this is all done using 1% of our brain power.

The point is, as Einstein said, that 95% of people are wrong 95% of the time, yet we manage to make such breakthroughs and enjoy more and more of what life has to offer, despite all that.

For years, it seemed like deficit spending was irrelevant, that governments and central banks had this thing handled, and that we’d never experience another recession again. But the Aha Moment will hit, eventually.

In the meantime, stick with the truths we know for sure: that VALUATIONS matter, diversification mitigates risk, and precious metals have stood the test of time. Perhaps most importantly, know that ALL fiat currencies turn to ash and empires FALL.

Look at the data set in front of you and review your finances and portfolio in light of existing information and “the known” today.

  1. Active Income: This is your No.1 priority – how do you use your SKILLS in order to generate value and how much do you charge in return? Think always in the context of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quantity of Product (QoP). These translate into how many people are you helping, and, most importantly, the mental attitude with which you exhibit your skills.

There are countless numbers of highly-trained professionals with incredible skills, and valuable ones who have toxic personalities that will always be regarded as wasted potential.

  1. Passive IncomeThis is your No.2 priority – how do you use your CAPITAL in order to generate more? Think always in terms of risk tolerance, diversification, expertise level, savings cushion, and time to manage your holdings.

The key is to use proven principles, along with a personalized approach that fits your circumstances.

The markets are ALWAYS wrong in certain pockets. It’s your job to capitalize on mistakes and to avoid excess. The world constantly shifts. Change with it.

He who doesn’t adapt, disappears.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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