Biden Sees Iran and China Pull a Stunner

Glory Days Ahead

Most people will never know the real authors of the American victory over the Soviets, the Japanese and whoever comes next, should the U.S. prevail. Many, if not all of the best ingenuities and innovations come from employees at the Pentagon or the CIA, who have a high conviction idea and run with it.

In 2019, one such person, a strategist named Andrew Marshall, sometimes referred to as the “Brain of the Pentagon,” died.

When he theorized on how to beat the Soviets and crush communism, the USSR was at its peak.

Their military presence was tremendous and they had forces throughout Europe.

Their ability to manufacture vast and seemingly endless numbers of weapons and war machines was proving to be a great obstacle for the U.S. to contend with.

It was Andrew Marshall who came up with the idea, then described as pure science fiction, to shift the focus from beating the Soviets in massing of equipment and to completely turn the attention to precision.

Today, we can’t even imagine a missile launched without a chip guiding it using satellite and GPS, assisted by remote-computing, straight to the target, but in Vietnam, the United States used 800,000 tons of bombs – more than what they used in WW2 – but most didn’t hit the target!

If the U.S. was to win the fight over communism, Marshall reasoned, it had to do so on the technological front. This birthed the era of guided cruise missiles, which, ultimately, using the first Gulf War as an exhibition, showed the Soviets that if they were to aggravate the Americans, they’d see missiles over Moscow.

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    No one in the general population remembers Andrew Marshall or his contribution, but he is solely responsible for the concentration on precision and hitting the targets, instead of blindly dropping bombs and letting gravity and the wind dictate their end-position.

    Because of the rise of Marshall’s electronics industry, Japan, a close ally of the Americans, gained disproportionate market share. By the mid-1980s, it threatened the USA when it came to technology, so what the Americans did was lift their protection over Japan, forcing them to spend more on defense, leading to stagflation for the next 30 years.

    Under Biden, America is implementing this same strategy in Europe, forcing the Germans and the French to spend hundreds of billions on defense, instead of relying on U.S. aid.

    This entire chess game revolves around the chip industry and who rules over it.

    China with its allies on the one end, OR the West on the other.

    Iran, which is the Middle Eastern country tasked with keeping the Americans busy in a region they’d rather stay out of, so they can deploy more resources to the South China Sea, keeps causing issues in the Strait of Hormuz, while China is putting restrictions on gallium and germanium, starting August 1st. Both of these situations are raising tensions and contributing towards additional conflict.

    Biden’s administration is now creating a 3-legged front with Russia, the Middle East and Taiwan.

    It doesn’t look promising at all.

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