It’s so easy to FOLD BACK into your cocoon right now, to HIDE from difficulty, to add those few EXTRA POUNDS, to watch a TV show when you should be reading, to scroll the phone when you ought to be networking, to waste time when you could be fostering relationships with friends and family. It’s SO EASY to do the convenient thing, but I’m telling you that you’ll be MISSING OUT on big opportunities, behaving in that manner.

A global pandemic is literally a once-in-a-century event. Closing down the global economy is an ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME occurrence.

So many FRESH IDEAS are needed right now:

  1. The hotels are DESPERATE for ways to bring back customers and make them feel safe. The same goes for airlines, cruise ships, restaurants, casinos, sports teams, conferences and festivals.

How can you help them?

  1. All companies are searching for ways to reach clients and LEARN ABOUT their newly-formed habits.

How can you help them?

The list is ENDLESS and covers all industries.

Businesses are hurting. Individuals are suffering. Entire countries are GOING DARK.

Opportunities are right there; Europe’s southern countries – Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey, among others, RELY ON TOURISM for 21% of GDP.

Summer is fast approaching. There are COUNTLESS opportunities there. How much time do you INVEST per day in coming up with PRACTICAL value-creating solutions in the business you are CURRENTLY WITH?

April is GOING TO GO DOWN as the worst month ever for auto sales, for example. Entire sectors of the economy are UNDER DURESS.


Consumers DON’T WANT to spend a dime. They’re saving. They’re in CRISIS MODE.

China is getting VILIFIED for its role in this PANDEMIC and it should be.

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

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    Trump knows that CHINA is the enemy and that Americans HATE it right now – and he’s going to be THE ENFORCER.

    Americans need to have an enemy to rally against and they will get one.

    Meanwhile, markets are going to YO-YO up and down, since there are just so many OPEN QUESTIONS.

    Courtesy:, Bespokedata

    The one riddle that EVERYONE want solved is whether or not the markets are headed back down, like in the Great Depression.

    That’s not the RIGHT QUESTION to ask, though.

    Literally hundreds of millions of decision-makers (retail investors, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, hedge funds and central banks) will determine prices; you have NO CONTROL over that.

    By the way, since 1940 bear markets have, IN MOST CASES, not tested back the lows.

    This need not be the analysis you make; instead, go over your portfolio and look for threats of PERMANENT LOSSES. Which businesses are worse-off indefinitely?

    These are cases in which the stock may NEVER recover to the price at which you purchased it and might not generate as good of earnings as before.

    The reasons could be:

    1. Expensive valuation.
    2. Failing business model.
    3. Leverage.
    4. Diminishing competitive advantage.

    Are you HOLDING THE BAG?

    We created a WATCH LIST of companies that ARE NOT going away.

    Small Business America employs 47% of the WORKFORCE. Forget these multinational companies; CEOs of businesses that employ 500 workers or less are the LIFEBLOOD of the USA, issuing payroll for over 50 million people.

    Don’t forget how ingenious humanity is – the first steamboat to cross the Atlantic carried a book on board detailing why steam-driven vessels could never traverse an ocean.

    When we really go at it, the impossible can become the HABITUAL.

    Now’s NOT the time to CONSUME endless television shows; it is the time to READ and THINK about what matters to you, data that takes you to the next step.

    Go Go GO!

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

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