The government shutdown is nearing the longest one on record. President Trump will give a speech on the matter tonight. American politics is not letting up. Division between parties reaches an extreme.


The Dollar index, therefore, is dropping to a 3-month low, and silver bears are being forced out of their short positions, which could send prices much higher, immediately.

Portfolio Wealth Global doesn’t think this is part of a small correction for the dollar, but the first stages of a multi-year bear market, as the U.S. economy slows down and even enters a mini-recession.

The most astonishing change from recent years is that while central banks are tightening, China has become a credit consumer, same as the U.S., which is a game-changer of the highest degree.

In other words, the two largest powerhouses of the world, combining for nearly 50% of global GDP, now both grow, using credit.

China has enjoyed a surplus for years, facilitating loans to other governments, as well as domestically, but its rise in wealth has caused lower savings rates. Now, it has, officially, become a consumer economy more than a savings nation.

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That’s a critical shift in global credit requirements because it means that China can’t keep funding the U.S. with Treasury debt; it can’t AFFORD to. It also means the debt bubble is about to go ballistic.

The Chinese debt levels are too high to continue on this path. Fiat currencies are in a race to the bottom, and you’ll be hearing a lot about the Chinese shift into credit deficits.

With gold moving above its 200-DMA just a few days ago, precious metals are gathering steam for their next move.

Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & US: SLVRF) enjoyed a 19%, one-day bounce yesterday, which could be the starting gun for more to come.

Greg Crowe, the company’s CEO, carved-out a few minutes to discuss the global silver deficit and the Federal Reserve’s chickening-out on additional rate hikes in a special interview we recorded just now.

Check it out!

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