BRAND-NEW GOLD-MARKET PICK: Top Grade Will Get You Paid!

Finding significant discoveries is the dream of all miners, and everyone wants me to tell them the next big gainer so they can buy up shares beforehand. They see fortune-making stock picks like K92 Mining, which rocketed from C$0.44 all the way to C$2.73, so I can’t blame people for knocking down my door for the next one.

I’ll tell you what – not only will I give you the next one, I’ll give you the best reason to put it in your portfolio: there’s a company that has been brought to us by the same team that brought us K92 early. In fact, a co-founder and former President of K92 is also the President of this new company.  And, there are many of the same people involved in both ventures. They have an award-winning team that’s highly experienced in a particular style of mineralization. This is the key to their success, as they are early movers in a high grade style of target overlooked by almost everybody else in the industry.

So if you’re looking for the potential of the magnitude of gains we saw with K92, look no further than Turmalina Metals (TSX-V: TBX).  You may have yet to hear about Turmalina Metals and that is because it is very early days. It has just commenced trading after 2 years of excellent progress as a private company. With compelling, well-defined drill targets, Turmalina offers shareholders a balanced portfolio of gold-silver-copper-molybdenum projects with exceptional grades and strong growth potential.

Now of course, I would never recommend a company that didn’t have top leadership. Turmalina’s CEO, Dr. Rohan Wolfe, has 22 years with significant experience in the discovery and development of breccia systems – the exact type of mine that Turmalina is exploring today.

Turmalina has just announced its first drill results and they are exceptional. The high grade gold encountered in multiple drill holes has now firmly put the project on the site screens of the geological community. Drill results include 36.95m at 6.31 g/t Au, 122 g/t Ag and 0.88% Cu (8.7 g/t AuEq) and 85.30m at 4.43 g/t Au, 109 g/t Ag and 0.79% Cu (6.6 g/t AuEq). See the company’s News Release on SEDAR for details but these are spectacular gold results supportive of the company’s statement that this is a high grade tourmaline gold-silver-copper beccia with significant gold and copper grades, including some of the highest gold grades ever returned for tourmaline breccia-style mineralization.

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    Turmalina’s credo is my exact philosophy for investing in the mining sector: grade is king. This company has two properties and is negotiating for a third property, all featuring overlooked Tourmaline breccia formations known for high-grade mineralization.

    Even beyond their premium and highly specialized assets, one of Turmalina’s most well-known assets to our office is Bryan Slusarchuk, the president of the company. He co-founded K92 and that company started off from the humble beginnings of a $2 million transaction and has become a %550 million company today. K92 is growing fast and has been one of the best performing gold stocks in the world during the past year by many metrics. Now with Turmalina, he’s bringing 20 years of capital markets experience – if anyone knows how to finance a mining company, it’s Mr. Slusarchuk.

    When the IPO for Turmalina was announced, I knew immediately that this could be the next mining millionaire-maker. This company checks all of the boxes on my list: a fast and low-cost exploration program, all permitting taken care of, mining-friendly jurisdiction, and of course a team and crew that’s unmatched in the industry.

    On their San Francisco de Los Andes Project, they’ve already mapped 67 breccia formations – an incredible number for a gold asset. Turmalina could easily be sitting on the mother lode of precious-metal assets – it’s only a matter of time, I expect, before the TBX share price explodes like K92 did.

    Just that one single breccia happens to be one of the highest-grade gold-silver-copper Tourmaline breccias ever discovered, but only Turmalina has the access, the permitting, and the team of experts to leverage this opportunity for max profits. It took them two years of reviewing South America to identify the two-best drill-ready properties; now that the shares are available, the volume and price will potentially pick up very soon.

    What, then, is the key to Turmalina’s incredible growth and success? Maybe it’s the portfolio of high-grade projects, maybe it’s the expertise and leadership of CEO Rohan Wolfe, maybe it is Bryan Slusarchuk’s Midas touch, maybe it’s the first-mover status into some of South America’s most mineral-rich regions – or maybe it’s all of the above. Put it all together and you’ve got the Holy Grail of the market: a formula for gold-mining wealth.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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