CANNABIS POWER Equals Cannabis Profits for Your Portfolio!

In an equities market that churns with volatility and wreaks havoc on retail investors’ savings and retirement accounts, Portfolio Wealth Global is committed to finding and reporting on the most secure and profitable investing opportunities so you can grow your account and beat the market.

Where are we finding the best opportunities in 2018? Our findings all some to the same conclusion: the legal cannabis market is easily the best place to take a position in today’s market.

Fast-growing sectors of the economy are where I like to place my bets, and the Portfolio Wealth Global research team has identified legalized marijuana at the fastest-growing industry that investors can profit from right now. The facts and statistics invariably point to legal cannabis as the number-one target for exponential growth and expansion. Attitudes are shifting and governmental policies are changing every day, paving the way for full legalization and increased sales in the cannabis niche.

The U.S. market potential for what’s known as the “green gold rush” is a testament to what businesses and investors can look forward to in the legalized cannabis space:

Courtesy of BDS Analytics and C21 Investments Inc. Investor Presentation

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you: research-backed projections indicate that legal marijuana sales in the U.S. alone will more than double, from an already impressive $11 billion in 2018 to an astounding $23 billion in 2021. That’s why it’s of paramount importance to take a position today, not years down the road when the bulk of the profits have already been reaped by forward-thinking investors.

This emerging sector will benefit a range of individuals and institutions. Portfolio Wealth Global has uncovered research indicating that the legalized cannabis industry will create new jobs – 280,000 jobs in the United States by the year 2020 – and will generate much-needed tax revenues to help pay for education, health care, infrastructure, and other necessities. Beyond this, the legal marijuana market will have a positive and powerful wealth effect for early entrepreneurs and investors; there will also be ancillary businesses surrounding this emerging industry, which will create even more jobs and opportunities.

Imagine – all of this centered on a natural plant that was once reviled and demonized, but is now understood for its power to heal and to build vast wealth. Yet, it’s not so easy to capitalize on this growing trend, as it takes a great deal of knowledge, experience, and effort to find the right company to invest in. Cannabis companies aren’t all the same, and it took my team literally months to identify a firm and a stock that will bring the greatest value to investors in 2018.

But we did find just the right company, and I am happy to announce it right now: it is C21 Investments Inc. (CSE:CXXI).

They’ve got all the best elements in one company, led by the incomparable Robert Cheney, C21’s President, CEO, and Director. Having trained as a corporate securities lawyer by one of the leading firms in Canada, and with extensive experience as an entrepreneur forming and leading new ventures globally, Robert has the passion and the know-how to position C21 as the leader of the new cannabis movement.

Cheney, Director Lee Werden and other industry mavens have built a firm that captures profits all along the legal cannabis vertical. Based in Vancouver, C21 Investments Inc. is a cannabis corporation that cultivates, processes, manufactures, and distributes quality cannabis and hemp-derived consumer products with branding recognition in the United States and internationally. From beginning to end, cannabis power leads to cannabis profits and C21 is there, bringing value to patients and to shareholders.

There was absolutely no guesswork involved when Portfolio Wealth Global researched C21 Investments Inc. The sizable market cap of $76.3 million means that investors can count on plenty of liquidity and volume in the shares, and the current share price is not only easily affordable, but it’s well below the true value of the company.

And in terms of revenue productivity, C21 Investments Inc. easily surpasses major retail boxes as well as other cannabis market contenders:

Courtesy of C21 Investments Inc. Investor Presentation

You just can’t go wrong with such consistently outstanding revenues. I’ve looked for the best and now I’ve found it: C21 Investments Inc. and CXXI stock is unquestionably the best vehicle for cannabis power and cannabis profits in today’s market.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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