Dividend Aristocrats: My Number One Strategy!

While early-stage investors into the likes of Google, Netflix, and Microsoft have made fortunes, companies raising their dividend pay-out annually with strong, long-term growth have gone almost unnoticed in the recent decades since tech stocks began booming from the eighties onwards.

Value Investing: The Secret Of The Ultra-Wealthy!

As an investor, you need to know your portfolio is strong, built for the long-term, and designed for prosperity, through market peaks and troughs. A steady flow of dividends is the key indicator of a company’s earnings, financial health, and long-term ability to deliver results to its shareholders.

Warren Buffett – Top Five Holdings

The legendary investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffett, is known worldwide for his investment success. Buffett based his wealth compounding techniques on Benjamin Graham’s philosophy of value investing, which determines a company’s growth potential on intrinsic value, rather than its speculative price.