The GREATEST DANGER TO THE ECONOMY Right Now: Steve St. Angelo’s Urgent Message

There’s something very unsettling going on in the markets in 2018. The U.S. stock market prints new all-time highs and the news celebrates this “victory,” but it’s only a victory on paper. The fundamentals and the economy don’t correspond with the numbers we see in the markets, and something’s got to give. Somebody’s got to send a message to the government, citizens, and investors that our financial future in hanging by a thread.

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Investors in the stock market need an edge in order to compete with the millions of traders out there. The financial markets will reward forward thinkers and will punish laggards and latecomers, so you need a top research team on your side with the resources to locate the big trends and the next winners. Portfolio Wealth global is committed to finding those winners, and we’ve got a huge one for you today.

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It’s such an exciting moment when you buy a stock and it goes vertical – an unforgettable feeling that makes all of the effort and due diligence worth it. Pure Blockchain Wealth is more than happy to do the hours of deep research and number crunching that it takes to bring you the really big winners. When people tell us about all the times we’ve helped them to achieve their financial dreams, it’s gratifying to know that we’re making a difference.

Now it’s time to show you our next big winner, so prepare for takeoff because this one is not going to disappoint you. Our latest and greatest stock pick is in an industry that is changing and evolving rapidly, and Pure Blockchain Wealth has spotted a rare ground-floor opportunity.

We’re living in a world where consumer habits are constantly being tracked, monitored, and analyzed. One major trend that Portfolio Wealth Global has picked up on is the shift away from unhealthy sodas that are loaded with sugar and caffeine, and towards healthier beverage alternatives. You’ll see in this chart how people just aren’t drinking soda like they used to:

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The traditional soft-drink industry, once a staple of investors’ portfolios, is now suffering because consumers are more mindful about what they’re putting into their bodies. They’re insisting on drinks that are cleaner and more healthful – something organic, natural, and able to provide mental clarity instead of the sluggishness they get from a sugar-induced crash.

What Portfolio Wealth Global has uncovered is an emerging trend, and better yet, the perfect way to play this trend for maximum profits. We only invest in market leaders, and our expert research team has spent months scouring the markets for a healthy beverages company that is prepared to dominate the market and provide high-quality products to a fast-growing consumer base.

One and only one company has exceeded all of our expectations: KOIOS Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV, OTC: SNOVF).

This is a firm that owns the rights to a proprietary blend of nootropics, which are supplements or other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity or motivation in healthy individuals. The nootropics industry is expanding very rapidly, having been valued at $1.3 billion in 2015 and expected to reach $6 billion by 2024 – this represents an astounding CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 17.9% from 2016 to 2024.

The fact is, KIOIS products are so much better than traditional sodas that there’s really no competition when it comes to quality. Check out how KOIOS easily meets or exceeds its rival “Bai” in all categories:

Courtesy of KOIOS Investor Presentation

Consumers are clamoring for KOIOS products for their multiple benefits, including increased blood flow, oxygen levels and neural connections in the brain; enhanced nerve growth and protection in the brain; and all-day mental clarity and energy. A massive distribution network with over 2,000 retail locations and a robust online market presence make it super-convenient for KOIOS’s already large consumer base to get access to their fine line of products.

To further expand their distribution network, KOIOS has shared a press release announcing that they have finalized an agreement with Wishing-U-Well, extending their sales agreement between the two firms and strengthening the ongoing relationship between KOIOS and Wishing-U-Well.

Regarding this exciting development, KOIOS’s CEO and Founder, Chris Miller, stated that KOIOS is “incredibly excited to be working with and renewing our distribution contract with Wishing-U-Well,” also noting that “They are one of Amazon’s largest and most trusted distribution partners. Having them in our corner makes our brand incredibly formidable on the world’s largest buying platform.”

Big-league gains are coming for KOIOS Beverage Corp. and KBEV/SNOVF stock shares, and you’ll definitely want to take a long position on this one. Don’t miss out, because all-time highs are coming soon for KOIOS and KBEV/SNOVF.

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Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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