China Wants Chaos; Iran Provides it for Them

Hamas, ISIS and Terror… a Global Problem

From 1991 to 2013, the U.S. held the key to the world as the only true hegemony. This led it down many blind alleys as it tried to push its values onto countries and regions that wanted nothing to do with this.

The strategy of looking to reshape and “correct” the ways of others didn’t end well.

The U.S. left Iraq, which has since become a strong ally of Iran, and it has exited Afghanistan, which is now ruled by the Taliban.

The Arab world is divided into nations that have either moved closer to the West or despise the way of life in Europe and America.

No country is as extreme in this regard as Iran is.

This country has stood strong and firm. Its topography makes it almost like a mountainous fortress, making it extremely hard to invade, if not impossible.

Since the revolution that brought to power a religious ideology, the country is dead set on becoming the leader of the Muslim world and then the leader of the entire world after converting it to Islam.

Its military is not built on forces of invasion (tanks and planes) but on missiles, drones, and rockets.

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    Because of this structure, the way that it has established itself as a major force to be reckoned with and threatened by is by funding and nurturing movements that consider military force as the method of conquering an entire region by any means necessary.

    This delusionary and imaginary moral high ground of justifying barbaric behavior that has been eradicated from most regions of the world centuries ago is the toxic and borderline insane notion that the land is sacred and war is holy.

    It is the exact opposite of the faith that love and peace are holy.

    Deeper still, either everything in this universe is holy and sacred or nothing is since nature is one.

    Since the end of WW2, when the world we live in saw murders and brutality the likes of which is hard to comprehend, the Bretton Woods system has allowed countries to operate and function in a way that human society has never been able to before.

    The U.S. Navy, the greatest military force the world has ever seen, provided maritime security for everyone. This has allowed free trade to exist, and the global GDP has exploded and created the greatest wealth humans have ever experienced.

    Before Bretton Woods existed, the open seas were a battle zone of constant war. Shipments and goods were constantly raided, and the availability of products to be moved was very limited.

    It is absolutely true that the U.S. is the dominant military force in the world, and it is by no means perfect. Without it, though, the forces that would be unleashed on the world are so dark and so destructive that I would rather not even think about it.

    If you care about your living standards, sense of security, ability to live freely, ability to pursue your goals, and want your children to enjoy this and more, understand the cost it comes at.

    There is no vacuum in nature, and where the U.S. exits, China and Russia will gladly enter.

    If you haven’t taken a few hours to understand who Xi Jinping is, we will be explaining his biography in coming publications.

    Silence is complacency.

    Best Regards,

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