People go to fortune tellers so they can have their futures read by judging coffee mugs, lines in the skin of the palm and hand, crystal balls, and all sorts of nonsense. But the truth is that your future depends on two variables only: tell me how you spend your time and money and I will have a good idea about where you’ll land in 2029. It doesn’t have anything to do with the motion of the stars or any external object.

Before you begin thinking honestly and carefully about these two questions, clear the deck, let go of pre-existing notions about the topic, and stay open-minded. From Jeff Bezos to Beyoncé, to your brothers and sisters, the equation is the same when it comes to time. Money is different; each has a different starting point there, but time is the great equalizer.

The way you spend your time and money depends greatly on what you want to do with them. That should bring you to the primary question that you must wake up to every day: What are my PRIMARY GOALS?

If you don’t know them and stick to them like a compass points to the north, I can assure you that your life is part of somebody else’s plan for you.

Goals are not sufficient, though. I have learned that you must be as determined to achieve them as Michael Jordan was to become the best basketball player in the world. It must turn into a positive obsession for you. There’s really no two ways about it.

After the goal becomes YOU, your being and your nature, and the purpose to achieve it becomes the singular focus of your time, a plan is in order. Do you have one? If not, this is exactly what needs to get done.

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There’s no alternative to it, since you cannot prioritize without blocking time slots for achieving your goals.

I remember one of my goals was extremely time-consuming and my plan was to execute it daily between 8 PM – 10:30 PM, but it giving up on many social events, weddings, and other functions to do it.

Sacrifice is at the heart of everything in life. If you’re not rich at the moment, think of how much you’re missing out on. Sacrifice is central to success.

Next, you must seek out your partners in crime. I have never been able to accomplish anything of significance without 1-2 individuals sharing my passion and my commitment to it. I am not aware of any person in history who has done something great on his own.

Begin by examining your current environment; if it’s insufficient, you must expand your reach. I used to attend real estate courses just to meet people. Earlier on in my life, I even worked in luxury hospitality to meet with wealthy and successful individuals.

Luck has something to do with success, but you can’t bank on it, so stop trying.

One block of time that is daily to me is 60 minutes of reviewing my goals and my plan to achieve them. By refining and contemplating them, I am able to sharpen my focus even more.
Weed out the time wasters. It’s a sin to let time pass.

Next week, I will focus on allocation of capital and how to make sure dollars go to the right place.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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