Get excited about the next recession because the powers that be will NOT be intervening with the same force and with similar tenacity in the coming meltdown, because I see the next hiccup as a crucially dividing moment for the American empire.

In 2008, we saw the Treasury department, Federal Reserve, and banking system all taking massive action right at the outset, a phenomenon that “robbed” the good actors of the chance to consolidate and capitalize on the mistakes of others.

It’s not in anyone’s interest to see the biggest institutions in the world, the largest banks, or the most robust insurers go down to the tube, but it is similarly not in public interest to bail out the incompetent idiots that run them.

What we’re going to see this time around is government officials, central bank officials, and banking CEOs distance themselves from each other, making sure the public doesn’t interpret them as colluding.

You might think this is a positive strategy, but it’s not.

America needs to stop dealing in perception and think only about results.

You must focus on what you can do on a personal level as well.

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    It boils down to your reaction to the next recession:

    1. In times of stock market busts and tough business environments, there are more opportunities to advance quickly.

    Most people are paralyzed during the meltdown, but you can flourish, seeing through the eyes of reason and logic, not emotion, what can help the business you’re employed with or what your business needs, as an owner.

    The point is that a panic makes other people weak and hasty. As I said, the government will not bail out bad actors this time around, so bargains will be everywhere present.

    1. The first states to recover from recessions are historically TX, NV, AZ, WA, and FL. Focus on these states when considering real estate investments.
    2. In the stock market, Portfolio Wealth Global will have a watch list of 174 businesses that we will alert you about on a monthly basis with the purpose of building positions that deliver huge returns as the recovery happens.
    3. Use the next recession to double your salary. Come up with 6 plans to present to higher management on how to conserve capital, help the business, and strengthen the company’s dominance by taking advantage of the times.

    Make your presence felt. Your superiors will be desperate for good ideas.

    1. Keep your options open. Recessions reshuffle cards, so be mindful of new booming industries and be wary of dying ones.

    Cannabis will certainly be one of the first industries to bounce back, if it even slows down at all. Commodities will be a first-mover and blockchain tech will be a major player as well, as the world will demand more transparency.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

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