Crunch Time: My Biggest Position Ever!

Yesterday, I called my father and implored him to look at the data on this company, ahead of today’s IPO.

Among his friends, he is known for only holding precious metals, since he is too afraid to risk his modest salary with any investment, but I sent him Anthony Lacavera’s resume, as well as hundreds of hours of footage from his interviews over the years.

We, then, walked through the fact that Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE) has a huge Rolodex of potential Joint Ventures in the pipeline, as you can see from the company’s presentation.

Anthony’s sister, Catherine Lacavera, just announced she would also be joining the company. In the media, she is nicknamed, “Google’s secret weapon,” and was recently published in Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40, alongside Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

She was also on the list of the “50 most influential people in the world of intellectual property.”

Then, we looked at the JV partners, as well as conducted a 3-way call with an Artificial Intelligence expert and a blockchain entrepreneur, which I know personally and have looked at Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE) closely.

Like I said, my father managed to go about his life for 64 years without ever buying a single share, but this opportunity is so rock-solid, legitimate, and advantageous to early investors that it titled the odds and changed how he views risk.

We are going to walk through the company’s operation closely in the coming weeks and follow their story, as it unfolds – this is our No.1 tech play for this decade!

The company is strategically choosing the sectors, which are ripe for disruption with A.I. and blockchain.

Institutions are about to form a line around the block to finance the hyper-growth of this company, and we beat them to it.

Consider becoming a pioneering shareholder with
Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE) NOW!

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