What is Your Next Move?

When we look at the way our modern world allows for immediate access to communications and the free and unrestricted sharing of information, we understand that any attempt to control, minimize, ban or outlaw the use of media is the real D-Day weapon.

In a global world and in a media-driven existence, where people share intimate situations with the rest of the world, the individual’s perception of reality is much broader. What I see, however, is that people don’t care for unbiased and factual reporting, but would much rather receive information supporting their pre-existing opinions and worldview.

Trump supporters, for example, hate Putin much less than Biden supporters, who perceive Putin as the last European dictator.

Putin is Putin, but in the eye of the observer, he is two different things: To one group, he is a liberator, coming to save Ukrainians from their western overlords, and to others, he is a ruthless warlord, looking to expand his control over others and whip them into submission.

Covid-19 was the same thing; there’s only one truth as to what Covid-19 is, yet, if you line up a random group of 50 people and ask each of them the same questions about it, you’ll likely get 5-10 different answers.

It seems like people are firming up their opinions and beliefs and are much more interested in defending them than in achieving results and progress.

A real human being, one without the need to be proven “right,” does not care about opinions.

A successful human being should be focused on one thing only: REAL-WORLD RESULTS.

Don’t waste your precious time, the beautiful gift of individuality and of self-choice, on trying to convert others to see things your way. Don’t preach or condemn – instead, focus on your worthwhile goals and on constantly developing yourself, in order to accomplish them.

My chief goal with Portfolio Wealth Global is to deliver information that is based on proven facts and the rest is not important. In order to do that, I must discern between value and gossip, beliefs and facts, important facts and non-essential ones; at the end of the day, that process eliminates 99% of the flow of media in our world.

There’s very little out there that is really crucial for one to know and the rest is noise. I have disciplined myself to treat my mind as a garden, and my job is to weed out the junk and plant only the best seeds.

No work we are called upon to perform is more laborious than to keep tabs on our thinking, but results are the eternal mirror that reflects right back at us the extent to which our thinking is refined.

I’ll give you a classic example of how the D-Day weapon is deployed on your mind and how you must guard from its effect:

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    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    A series of articles, over the weekend, has been published about the 55th day…

    According to them, the 1929 and 1987 crashes occurred exactly 55 days after the market topped, which means February 28th was that day, since the S&P 500 peaked on January 4th, 2022.

    Let’s say that you came across this information and saw how convincing this fact is; should you sell?

    We know that timing the market is impossible and that time in the markets is the key. We know that in the past 130 years, every dip has been an eventual buying opportunity, when having a 7-year future outlook, and that 1929 and 1987 are only two of many market crashes over the past 100 years.

    We also know that Warren Buffett generated an enormous sum of money from his trading, right after the 1987 crash, buying millions of shares in Coca Cola (Coke), and we know that an entire generation of millionaires emerged after the Great Depression.

    The only important truth and pure insight from the above chart is that it doesn’t matter, if your goal is to own more assets.

    Don’t let volatility shake you out and don’t allow fear to turn you into a soldier of panic.

    Stay focused on owning great businesses.

    Best Regards,

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