Deploy The TORPEDOES: Biggest Alert EVER!

The U.S. government is publishing big numbers right now, but just like sunset is the most beautiful time to view the sun before it disappears, leaving us with the long night, so does the U.S. economy seem to be parting ways with global dominance.

Portfolio Wealth Global believes that we’re looking at the sunset for the U.S. empire – therefore, the next 5-10 years will be amazing, save for times when the view is obstructed (short recessions). For the most part, the infusion of Millennials into the workforce is creating a transfer of wealth from the older generations to the younger demographics, which will spend it on more meaningful expenditures, such as residential properties, electric vehicles, and advanced computers, using Artificial Intelligence.

The reason that Portfolio Wealth Global sees this as the last installment of the American century is that the Chinese have become independent enough, that their economy doesn’t solely rely on U.S. consumerism any longer.

Take a very close look:

Courtesy: Incrementum AG

The Chinese stopped increasing holdings of U.S. Treasuries after the financial crisis, which is the REAL reason that the FED has been a big buyer of them – the U.S. needed someone to replace the dying Asian Bid.

With the FED now becoming a net seller in 2018, China knows that unless the U.S. bends other nations to her will, forcing them to come to the auctions and buy debt, the USD’s reserve currency status is about to become part of the history books, a period learned in American History lessons.

It’s not a swift transition, though – China needs to prepare internally as well, and U.S. demographics are quite favorable right now, with the Millennials entering the career cycle, but again, this is the sunset.

One industry that the U.S. has championed is technology – all the major companies are headquartered on American soil, so China is making it a priority to surpass the west – they are investing billions in Artificial Intelligence. That’s why Portfolio Wealth Global is going to cover a new company, starting Tuesday, which is set to become my most significant holding ever.

I’ve gone big on investments before, but never seven figures.

To put it into perspective, I expect to make 4-7 times my money by 2022 with this one stock.

Courtesy: Incrementum AG

As you can see, the time is ticking on the next recession, so this is an ideal time to make a killing, while the economy is firing on all cylinders, before it stops for an oil change.

In 5-7 years, most people in the western world will have access to A.I. using advanced forms of personalized computing.

Machines and devices will learn many of our preferences, so that we can enjoy more efficient lives.

In third world countries, Artificial Intelligence will help to predict weather patterns, so that crop yields and agriculture will become sustainable – fewer people will die from malnutrition and hunger, or suffer from droughts.

Expect this sector to rack-in fatter profit margins in the coming years than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Courtesy: Incrementum AG

We’re entering an inflationary environment, which is characterized by higher commodities prices and tech mania phases.

We’ll make a fortune with both – expect a full report this week!

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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