DISGUSTING: Clueless Public Could Accidently TANK MARKETS!

It’s important to understand that there’s a huge difference between the rich, who are the wealthiest 20% in this country, and the elite of this world. While not necessarily as rich as the top 1%ers, the elite exert far more power over this nation, its political direction and the world’s trajectory because of the positions they hold in government and in agencies, the organizations they’re involved with, and the network of politicians that they’re close to.

As a group, the rich benefit greatly from the current system. The main contrast between the wealthy and the elite is that the wealthy adjust themselves to the present reality, and win the capitalistic game by zigging and zagging and constantly changing (which is hard) and improving; whereas the elite are always engaged not in adapting to the world as it is, but with BENDING reality to meet their desired outcomes, via wars and breaking the rules.

The public, which can’t tell the difference between the two, is blaming capitalism. The fact of the matter is that these Federal Reserve programs are far removed from properly regulated capitalism. I’d say that when credit and currency are issued by fractional reserve banking, there must be an interest rate component to them. It’s STUPID AND DANGEROUS to allow trillion of borrowed currency to have no interest for using them.

It is inconceivable to believe that business owners and CEOs, who make $250,000 a year, are part of secret societies and searching for ways to rule the world. However, it is NAÏVE to be ignorant of the fact that there is a DEEP STATE, which makes it its business to advance this agenda.

My point is that it is not the wealthy that need to be attacked for their actions; that’s foolish to think so. The wealthy are essential. The enemy is the elite, and they have an agenda that includes brainwashing the masses and making them slaves under a centralized ruling class.

Any country that goes after the wealthy demographic is making a grave mistake. At this moment in the U.S., the elite’s engineered capitalistic system – which includes lobbyists, people in key places of intelligence and government that corrupt the wheels of industry, and many think tanks that come up with academic theories to dump on the public – is the real economy, unfortunately.

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    That should be this way and to solve some of the economy’s most pressing problems, which are also social challenges, we must recognize that capitalism works just fine. It isn’t perfect, but America’s greatest run was before (1) there was income tax or (2) a central bank. The real danger is that there’s another layer working close to the surface, made up of elitist lunatics that think it’s their purpose in life to meddle with the lives of the rest of us, because they believe they are somehow better.

    Nothing government does can ever compete with how free enterprise accomplishes the same task. Capitalism is not perfect, but the alternatives make me sick.

    There is no such thing as free healthcare, free college, or free ANYTHING. Taxing the rich more would be risking a recession and layoffs.

    The MAIN problem is that paying out unfunded entitlements, in their current form, are the only things both Republicans and Democrats agree upon.

    At one point, in the very near future, Americans will learn the eternal lesson that nature hates people who want SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.

    The bottom line is that the masses, who are clearly hurting in this economy, are targeting the wrong solution. The rich must continue to believe in this country so that they choose to invest domestically, not abroad. A country needs its wealthy to grow.

    What all citizens should come together and fight for is smaller government, but it looks like the years ahead will bring more of it.

    Remember, the one thing that unites all human beings is the innate desire for a better life. This can ONLY be achieved by over-delivering and getting paid for doing so. We can only thrive in a society, in which the individuals trust one another.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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