Do This To Ensure An Epic 2017!

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The Only Guaranteed Way
to Reduce Objections in Your Life

Growing up, I picked up many habits from my parents that they didn’t mean for my brothers and I to emulate, but you can’t cheat who you truly are, and though many of us preach to others about how they should be, we should cease that and focus on leading by example.

One of these habits that took a long time to change was trusting people enough to allow them to become aware of my goals and to be able to create joint goals: partnerships.

I was a lone ranger for much of my teen years, always relying on myself to achieve tasks and never assigning anyone else to have even a tiny amount of responsibility over my affairs. Today, we call that type of person a “control freak.”

The breakthrough came to me, like many of life’s gifts, by chance. My only request from you is that you allow new opportunities to come into your life in 2017 without judgment, assessing them only after giving them a chance to fully mature. 

Before sharing with you the most gratifying change I have experienced by choosing to stop controlling, it is important to emphasize that there isn’t even one man in history who ever conquered great peaks by doing it on his own.

In 2017, make the decision to cultivate alliances and create bonds with 2-3 key people that are on the exact same level, path, and direction you are pursuing.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]These individuals will form a “Wealth Team,” and together, you will be able to achieve more in a year than you previously struggled to accomplish in a decade. 

The strengths of bonds, in my view, rely upon a number of factors:

  1. Confidence: Choose those who can do the job, because the results achieved by them and their obligation to you will inspire loyalty and increased attention to details on your part. A team creates a fortress of confidence, and solutions to any challenge rise from that state of mind.
  2. Understanding: Don’t make the errors I did. I paid for them big time. When you want to have tremendous results, the last thing you can afford to have is someone who doesn’t understand the tasks, the importance, or the magnitude of each step in the road. Those types of people will frustrate you and slow you down. I had to learn that lesson when I chose to venture out on a new business some 10 years ago with a person I liked. It was like dragging someone through the finish line.


Your Most Important Alliance in 2017 and Beyond

Your worst critic lives between your ears – it’s the same with all of us, I guess.
What I do, and it’s now done mostly subconsciously, is remind myself that the best thing 
I can do is never have self-pity.

I have found that gratitude is the same as believing that any circumstance that still needs to be rectified will be done in due time. That state of mind helps with undertaking new roles, as well as becoming a much more enjoyable person to be around.

When others find you pleasing and magnetic, the objections you once faced when dealing with everyday issues and defining moments become absolutely manageable and smoother.

Be the type of person that others are addicted to, and you will have a year to remember and a life worth living.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



I spent five hours this week, listening to Jerome Powell getting grilled by politicians from both sides of the isle regarding the economy and what the FED is doing about inflation.

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President William Howard Taft, who presided over one of the worst banking shocks in U.S. history, was explaining to Woodrow Wilson, the incoming president, who got America its Federal Reserve and made the call to get America involved in WW1, that the job at the White House would isolate him greatly. “This is the loneliest place in the world,” Taft said. Wilson was stunned by the warning, but was even more shocked by the reality of it: “I never dreamed such loneliness and desolation of heart possible.”

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The short squeeze could begin as soon as today. No, Portfolio Wealth Global isn’t projecting or forecasting a rip-roaring rally in the markets, but from our perspective, the markets have been engaged in heavy discounting for the first 6 months in anticipation of a hard landing, recession, higher funding costs for corporations and households, stubbornly high inflation, and a war in Europe all affecting global supply chains.

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