Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. Well, for gold to shoot up to $1,704 (my bull market target for it), we need to see trust in the system DYING. Then our positions can go to heaven – and we just got our starting gun.

Billionaire investor Howard Marks, who wrote my favorite investment book, “The Most Important Thing, Illuminated,” just published another one of his famous memos, which Warren Buffett says he reads first thing when they’re published. In this one, he lashes out at the FED for succumbing to the pressures of Washington and lowering rates again.

I love Mr. Marks’ analysis and I believe his book is the best investment guide ever written, but with the size of my gold and silver position and my exposure to mining companies, I want MY BUBBLE!

The FED is doing exactly what we want it to do, cutting rates into a strong economy and, even with the dollar squeeze and choke in USD liquidity, gold is surging.

Silver is within spitting distance of forming a new bull market as well. Mark my words on this one: when silver hits $17.32/ounce, traders will take profits on gold and convert them to silver and you’ll see it shoot to $17.83 in a matter of hours.

Mid-September, the FED will again announce its rate decision and if August continues being this volatile, they might cut once more.

They’re FORCING us into making millions!

We just have to sit and wait.

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    My big task for the past 4 weeks was to find a left-for-dead gold company that is so cheap that the upside is nearly guaranteed, and there are SO FEW of them.

    In 98 days of research, I found eight, but 3 of them were in dangerous locations, susceptible to nationalization, strikes, and chaos; 2 of them had management teams that weren’t proven, and 2 additional ones had TOO MUCH debt. But in 98 days, I did find one stock that could go up 1,032%, if it only does ONE THING right!

    That’s why it just saw a whale buyer come in and scoop up, along with his partners, 2 out of every 5 shares. The price DIDN’T spike, which means that the market has NO IDEA that this just happened, and that’s our OPPORTUNITY.

    In bear markets, the money is made in the royalty companies, which remain profitable. Our royalty companies are up 22.6% and 31.4%, respectively, in the past 53 days, but royalty stocks can’t go up 100% in a matter of days or 300% in one month.

    This baby can and I’m jumping on a call with the actual whale investor right now, since it was just announced that the management made him chairman of the board!

    That’s a lot of skin in the game. Not only is he the largest shareholder, but he’s now working to get this company to the Promised Land.

    Watch my next move here – be on the lookout for a CRITICAL UPDATE!

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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      HENRY KISSINGER: Petrodollar Architect is Scared of PUTIN!

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