Drones is the Pentagon’s Answer to China


In late August, the Pentagon announced a program that could open the door to the future of warfare.

This program is called the Replicator Program and it gives us a glimpse into the future of battle.

Drones are going to be more important than ever, but not the kind you’ve seen in movies. The Pentagon is betting on mass-production of disposable drones, the kind you wouldn’t care about losing, like an empty magazine that soldiers don’t bother refilling.

What the conflict in Ukraine has shown is that a big military with expensive toys, each of which is critical to the war effort, might not be as efficient as an endless supply of autonomous weapons that don’t put human lives at risk.

The future of war is artificial intelligence, which is far less compromised by cyber-attacks than human-led communication networks.

If the military can pre-set an entire mission, any and all improvisation will be made by those computers that power this new generation of drones.

China is all about numbers and the U.S. can’t keep up with the sheer speed at which the Chinese military is ramping up, so it must find a different approach — a more affordable way to use its budget against what is undoubtedly becoming the largest-ever army build-up in human history, that of China.

You do that by first inviting the private sector to help you. If the government can’t be the sole manufacturer, developer and innovator, it harnesses what has always been America’s greatest advantage, its openness to entrepreneurship.

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    So many believe that I exaggerate the absolute dominance of the United States and the hand of aces it has been dealt, but even with its endless list of issues, problems and scandals, they nearly cannot undo the formation of their structure, the most formidable one in human history.

    The only real enemy the United States has is itself; otherwise, its citizens have anything and everything a country could ever ask for. While people in other nations might be surveyed as happier or having longer lives, that’s just because a wave of opportunity has stopped temporarily to bless it, not due to any real moat.

    In the long-run, what America possesses is what all other countries can only wish for!

    Here’s a country whose neighbors are no threat, and is guarded by two oceans from any lunatic who would dare invade the greatest firearms factory in human history.

    But, every once in a while, countries with incredible stats of their own, China especially, have a chance to rise into a rival, but something just doesn’t add up…

    With China, I believe that its form of centric government, which closes it up to the wealth and abundance of information and inspiration of mankind, will lead to its demise.

    China will be important and influential, but come what may, they cannot pose a real threat to what can only be named the most advantageous set of assets ever handed to one group of individuals.

    There will be confrontation between China and the USA, but believe me, Xi and any other who comes after him, know that all they can hope to do is try to consolidate a bit more power and prestige, but never reach for the top.

    Oh, and if any American hates the culture of needless wars and meddling in the affairs of others, please study the decisions of the worst president ever, Woodrow Wilson, who single-handedly is responsible for the worst policies that came out of Washington, interventionism included.

    Best Regards,

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