Epic Short Squeeze: Now’s the Time to LEVERAGE!

This Is When Big Bucks Are Made

Bullish, aren’t I?

What in the hell makes me this confident that we’re about to reap higher and with such verbosity?

In just the past few days, Vladimir Putin has made nuclear threats and tested special missiles, so the American response was to make sure the barking dog remembers that while he can bark, America can bite.

The Ohio-type nuclear submarine, one of the most incredible engineering achievements in the world, has been public about its new location.

Nuclear-powered submarines don’t need to come up for air, so their major advantage is that you never know where they are. This very publicized approach lets you know that Washington lets both China and Russia know that if they try anything funny, they’ll quickly be put in their place.

Some Americans and Westerners have become so guilt-ridden about the manner in which their success and protecting it for lunatics and Arch-terrorists can result in bloody wars, but they’d do well to remember that where forces of enlightenment haven’t taken a stand, we’ve seen atrocities unheard of before.

As a Westerner, you have to ask yourself, bluntly and truthfully, if you understand that at no other point in history have any group of people enjoyed the kind of liberty and prosperity you possess, and what you are willing to do to make sure it stays that way, when cultures that subject their citizens to torture and hell wish to steal that prized lifestyle from you.

Can you see past Jamie Dimon’s quote that we live in the most dangerous time in decades and BUY EQUITIES?

Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

Algorithms are SHORT on markets more than they were in March 2020, when CNBC’s puppet boy, Andrew Sorkin, was telling baby boomers to sell everything, because the world would be on lockdown for three years…

Therefore, if one can’t pull the trigger and go LONG now, then when can he, I ask you?

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    Between Russia’s nuclear barks and the total barf-fest of the woke left in the U.S. and Europe, which shows that the generation that grew up watching 10-to-15-second Tik Tok videos, doesn’t know the first thing about the world, there’s not much to be hopeful about – but it’s ALWAYS darkest before dawn.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    My biggest trade for the remainder of the year is a big LONG position in URTY.

    That’s a leveraged ETF on the Russell 2000 and I want to explain my premise for this:

    1. Peak tightening. Most central banks are already cutting; and most of the major ones have either finished raising or have already begun easing.

    Inflation is still with us, but its trajectory is clearly headed downward.

    1. Jobs report. The latest jobs numbers prove that people have largely stopped relying on stimulus, forbearance and forgiveness of loans and are back to contributing their fair share, instead of sucking from the teat of Uncle Sam.

    This has long been the dreaded part of the inflation equation — wage spiral and too few workers.

    1. Earnings. We’re well into the earnings season and companies have made incredible progress, when it comes to adapting to the new era.

    Despite all of this, I bet that most readers are sitting on cash in money-market accounts, too fearful of buying equities, let alone leveraged ETFs.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

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