My followers already know that I use a combination of physical gold and mining shares to get extra leverage on precious metal price moves. I’ve taken that strategy to the bank over and over but I keep getting emails asking me about my stock-picking techniques.

Let me make this crystal clear: I only select a small handful of mining stocks per year for my watch list. Out of those, I only accumulate shares of the best ones, and then I wait for the market to correct the mispricing. Gold mining stocks are perfect for this strategy.

A very recent IPO has practically forced me to take profits in other stocks because the opportunity is so rich with this one. It’s a high-grade gold explorer that has multiple potentially mineral-rich areas in South America that other companies completely missed out on. Because the stock just started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the shares are still available at what I view as well below the company’s real potential value, especially given the company has recently announced mulitple high-grade gold drill results.

They’ve also got a team that’s highly experienced in exploration and mining from discovery and resource development to mining studies and operations. In fact, they’ve got many of the team who were involved early in the massively successful K92 Mining Inc. – and that company’s stock shares have grown dramatically in value, becoming one of the top performing gold stocks in the world this past year.

The name of the company is Turmalina Metals (TSX-V: TBX), and it’s one of those rare companies that’s poised for exponential growth but is still undiscovered by the retail crowd. When this happens, it’s mainly industry insiders that see the value of the company; your average investor doesn’t discover it until much later. It was brought to us by the same people who brought us K92 early which created so much wealth for our readers.

Turmalina Metals already has two high-grade assets and is negotiating a third one, all of which are in mining-friendly jurisdictions and are fully licensed. These are expansive properties with geological formations called Tourmaline breccias present – previously overlooked but now drill-ready.

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    Leveraging the vast experience of various people involved in the K92 leadership and a collection of exceptional exploration professionals, Turmalina is targeting a consolidation of regional gold and copper breccia clusters with truly outstanding growth potential. At the helm are CEO Rohan Wolfe, former Exploration Manger of Ivanhoe Mines Australia and Vice President of HPX, and Turmalina President Bryan Slusarchuk, co-founder and former President of K92 Mining Inc.

    With those credentials, Turmalina is starting off with major advantages: an experienced management and geological team with a track record of successfully finding and mining world-class mineral deposits. Now they’re doing what the best miners in the business do: specializing in a mining niche and leveraging their expertise for maximum shareholder value.

    Initial drilling on the properties indicates high grade gold mineralization within the Tourmaline breccias that this company is exploring right now. That’s the power of specialization: it enables a company to be the best in the business, and Turmalina is already proving itself as a niche market leader.

    Naturally, I expect an increase in the spot gold price can give TBX shares a nice boost. But while some investments depend on the gold price, Turmalina provides a balanced portfolio of assets to reduce risk and volatility while promoting growth and share price appreciation. Also, like K92 which has done well in even weak conditions for gold equities, the high-grade focus of Turmalina provides real benefit.

    You might not have capitalized on the incredible price move in the K92 Mining stock, but now you’ve basically been handed a second chance to potentially enjoy the incredible gains that hgih grade mining situations can provide. TBX is my gift to you; with a star-quality team and multiple high-grade projects, it looks like Turmalina’s my best discovery yet.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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