EXISTENTIAL Threat: Capitalize With FULL-FORCE!

President Trump is facing three existential threats to the country he now leads.

Yesterday, while I ate breakfast at the Trump International Hotel in Central Park, I was thinking about the man, who has many unique achievements under his belt:

  1. His father was already wealthy, which makes it even more unusual, since there are very few cases regarding children of rich real estate developers who strike it rich by their own merits.

In fact, motivating children in rich families is a major psychological field of study.

Many families struggle with it, and I need to look no further than three blocks from the Trump Hotel, where Carnegie Hall is situated. It was donated by the steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie, whose dying wish was to leave everything to charity.

Many wealthy individuals are puzzled by their legacy, ashamed of their wealth, or believe their children would be better-off creating wealth anew.

Donald has some landmark real estate holdings in a city that is, by far, one of the top cities on the planet. 

  1. He went bankrupt. This is important because he knows how leverage can work against him, and it has made him much more calculated.
  2. He won a U.S. presidential election, with the entire establishment against him.

Now, with close to 18 months of his term behind him, his business-friendly policies have certainly helped Main Street.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

There’s no doubt that President Trump has allowed domestic businesses to thrive, leveraging, as he usually likes to, the U.S. Federal deficit, creating a new type of U.S. economy, with a favorable corporate environment and record output.

But, after all of these successes, comes a triple threat:

  1. Chinese Dominance: I have written many times that we have years until the U.S. middle-class will be completely wiped out, leaving 90% in the lower-income bracket, and 10% (35 million Americans) in the upper-class, without anything in between.

Well, it could be seven years, instead of my 2022 forecast, but it’s coming, one way or another. Right now, the most accurate estimates put China at the helm, as the world’s largest economy, by 2025.

A decade later (2035), which seems far away, but will have many early implications, China will boast of having the biggest military in history.

You’ve been hearing about the Asian Century for 20 years, and now you have a date set.

I expect major, unimaginable budgets allocated to defense spending, artificial intelligence, and robotics by both the Americans and the Chinese.

  1. Canadian Cannabis: This is a pure moneymaking industry, which the U.S. can’t afford to be left out of.

Canada has beaten the U.S. in the lumber industry and with its natural resources industry. Trump cannot allow them to rule the cannabis sector, since it is a guaranteed source of jobs, both in medicine and in the consumer segment, and a major tax cash cow.

I expect Federal legalization to occur under Trump, be it in this term, or his next one.

  1. Blockchain Technology: Portfolio Wealth Global knows that China wants to eclipse North America’s pool of human talent by becoming the leader in many cutting-edge, innovative niches.

Nothing could be more important than the cryptographic, decentralized, and revolutionary blockchain technology.

President Trump would be wise to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to choose the U.S. as their place of incorporation.

Between cannabis, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence, the potential gains are humongous.

These are existential threats to the U.S. military and technological and agricultural dominance; they must be met with full force.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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