Debt is the global virus. People don’t want to be bothered with it, but the entire planet is financed by over-extended governments and over-leveraged corporations.

Your salary is tied to a company that might be doing fine by itself, but its clients may very well be exposed to risk. Your government, most likely, is financed by a mountain of deficit spending. Your retirement account is based on the success of the American economy with its top corporations and your knowledge base is linked to the mainstream media’s portrayal of events.

If one isn’t a contrarian in these times, he is a CLEAR VICTIM.

When defining a contrarian, I am speaking of a person who doesn’t believe that the government is on his side – like his well-being is a top priority for it, as some still believe. I also mean someone who isn’t naïve to the shadowy power structures that dictate many policies behind the scenes, FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT.

I mean a person who is wise to the game being played against him.

Results, at the end of the day, are the SOLE measurement of success. Theories are nice, thought-provoking and even interesting, but the bank account is the only real score in finance.

I want to press upon the notion that, in today’s world, the low-hanging fruit is largely gone for the institutional investor. Making big money today entails taking on giant risks.

For pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and asset managers with billions in client’s money, the options are limited. For the little guy, who doesn’t have to deploy millions and billions, distressed opportunities are out there.

  1. The mining sector has been DREADFUL, so there’s real value there. 
  2. The cannabis sector has been horrific this year, yet a number of states are going to legalize soon and the industry is EXPANDING in demographics and in market acceptance.  

There are ways to invest capital, but the gains stand to be limited in the coming decade for the sectors that have been hot in the passing one.

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To your surprise, there are massive, career-building opportunities in the U.S., as we speak. Let me repeat that: THERE’S a shortage of workers in good, highly-compensated fields of occupation, right here and right now.

There are 1,600 openings for software development managers, paying $109,000/year. There are 11,000 openings for a physician’s assistant job, paying $113,000/year. Over 3,600 dentist openings that pay close to $145,000/year.

Pilots and flight engineers are in demand. Attorneys and sales managers can earn $140,000/year.

Look at the salaries these tech giants are dishing out this year (MEDIAN ONES):

  1. Palo Alto Networks: $170,929
  2. Nvidia: $170,068
  3. Twitter: $162,852
  4. Gilead Sciences: $162,210
  5. Google: $161,254
  6. VMware: $158,063
  7. LinkedIn: $157,402
  8. Facebook: $152,962
  9. Salesforce: $150,379
  10. Microsoft: $148,068

Check out this LINK, which details the best 100 jobs in America.

It’s plain to see that the baby boomers are driving up salaries in the medical industry. It is also clear that being tech-savvy is a treasure for employers. Engineers are sought after too.

America’s jobs market is rewarding HIGH-LEVEL thinkers and executors. Most of these require years of studying and training; it’s a shame that government subsidies have made college tuition unaffordable.

This is a choice you must make!

For many, these jobs are out of reach, so they must develop secondary streams of income and even third and fourth ones.

Because most won’t, tax revenue for the government won’t be able to maintain the liabilities. At some point in this decade, this SUCKER IS GOING DOWN!

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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