I’m looking at deep-value opportunities in fast growth industries constantly and I can’t imagine being invested in companies that pride themselves on business models that rely on traditional banking or on credit card processing, at this juncture. 

The public stopped trusting Wall Street suits a decade ago; then technology has come along that disrupted the business models of established names that have been around for decades; their strategies seem redundant in comparison with blockchain and that puts their careers at risk.

Banking, global wires, payment systems, processing, remittances and fiat currencies themselves hang in the balance, teetering between staying relevant and getting outmaneuvered; the blockchain raises existential concerns for all these giant industries.

When ATM machines were put to use in the streets of metropolitan cities in the 20thcentury, the automation age began. Bank tellers were becoming irrelevant; from 10 tellers in an average bank branch, seven were sacked. Capitalism makes entrepreneurs look for better, cheaper and higher-quality solutions to bring to the market; this is the competitive nature of business.

ICOx Innovations (TSX-V: ICOX & US: ICOX) and its Co-Founder, Cameron Chell, have built a program that extracts its value, irrespective of the price of Bitcoin. In fact, ICOx’s worth has mostly to do with the company’s ability to execute for their clients; they build private blockchain payment systems and design custom-built coins to accompany this. 

ICOx customers are in search of ways of reducing transaction costs and strengthening customer adoption and engagement, within their reach. I am extremely bullish on Bitcoin and have been involved with it since 2015, but whether or not it keeps rallying into the 5-figure realm; ICOx is brilliantly structured to prosper from increased demand from major brands’ need to mint digital coins.

This company is REMARKABLY unknown to the lion share of the investment community, even within the blockchain and tech sectors themselves. Check out what our due diligence has revealed about this opportunity: 

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For one, its market cap is CAD$4.6M; that’s all. And this is pretty much equal to the book value of ICOx’ assets as of their last quarterly filing. Additionally, realize that ICOx has existing clients, which pay it to develop and maintain their blockchain and their coins every quarter, on a recurring basis.

You’ll love the way the company has inked contracts with these three clients; ICOx was commissioned to build and to program their clients’ private blockchain systems and to develop their respective coins, initially. Then, they started getting paid quarterly development and management fees, which will persist for the remainder of their contracts with clients. These contracts can be renewed, indefinitely; a cash flow business model.

Consider the opportunity in ICOx Innovations (ICOX)!

Here’s where this gets really exceptional; the reputation of the individuals involved with ICOx and the potential of board members and the advisory board to form key relationships with new clients and potentially close more deals is, in my view, very likely. This company has TOP GUNS involved:

Our research into this stock has been lengthy, in-depth and broad-based:

To recap it, the financial numbers are what really makes one an extreme value play, in my eyes.

ICOx Innovations (TSX-V: ICOX & US: ICOX) could become a go-to blockchain builder and manager for more and more companies that adopt blockchain, just as KODAKCoin, FreedomCoin, BitRail payment system already have. In fact, they just announced their new client, which is the world’s LARGEST organization of its kind; I’ll have the key insights on this SOON!

In my mind, investors who learn about this company later this year, after we have already got Familiar with its operations, might be SHOCKED to learn they missed out on last Friday’s news, which was so unforgettable.

Consider the opportunity in ICOx Innovations (ICOX)!

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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