2020 has been PERFECT for precious metals.

Gold has just BEEN ON A TEAR, today rising above $1,760, and it will continue CLIMBING towards the top of the mountain, since we’re REFLATING BIG-TIME.

For example, Fiore Gold (TSX-V: F), which we featured a couple of years ago, is up close to 300%, since carving out a bottom! The stock is up NEARLY FOUR-FOLD.

It bottomed at CAD$0.24, then raced to CAD$0.63 when COVID-19 struck. Shares RETREATED to CAD$0.35, offering another chance to BUY LOW. As of today, shares near the SOUGHT-AFTER CAD$1.00 mark, which all junior miners seek to conquer.

It closed at CAD$0.90, up 160% in roughly 50 trading days!

Fiore Gold (TSX-V: F) is a producer in Nevada and is advancing a SECOND project near its existing mine.

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    It’s a classic case of a company that offered prospective shareholders time to research it, conduct due diligence, dollar-cost average the trade, easing into it through the bear years and finally BREAKING OUT in a big way!

    This isn’t the only company we’re featured that’s up this much since the MARCH LOWS!

    Sandspring Resources, now Gold X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX), was another one that crashed in March and bounced back fast, giving SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS an ideal way to lower their COST BASIS.

    Gold X Mining’s chart looks incredible right now, rising from CAD$1.10 to CAD$2.85.

    I also expect major updates from other JUNIOR GOLD stocks, which are making HUGE PROGRESS, though it’s still not reflected in the share price.

    In this investment niche, one has to be on his toes, recognize an unjustified sell-off when he sees one and buy dips.

    The two above are PERFECT EXAMPLES of this, offering +150% gains from March to May.

    Shares of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) are also EXPLODING, up double-digits today alone!

    We are in a great spot for the mining sector; THE MOMENTUM IS STRONG!

    Be smart, be sharp – enjoy the gains and know your EXIT STRATEGY.


    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

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