Forget Gold: This Story Has EVERYTHING!

The starting point of all riches is a clear goal.

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but not until you actually LIVE it, as a state of mind, can you truly understand that life is altogether different when one has a purpose at heart, with the desire, and an obsession to bring it to fruition.

I have such a goal in mind. I’ve been a goal-oriented person, since Napoleon Hill introduced me to this concept. From there, I have milestones set along the path, which must be met in order to realize the big one.

Today, I want to show you why gold will never be as important to me as formulating and sticking with a plan. This state of mind, defined by having a major goal, brings with it several key advantages, which other people don’t possess, if they’re just drifting on this planet. You will have a clear advantage over them.

Do Won Chang came to America, dead broke, with his parents and his newly-wed wife. He worked three jobs, which were all in the lowest-income bracket you can imagine. He worked in a coffee shop, pumped gas, and cleaned offices.

Having a clear goal in mind, though, brings with it one huge benefit – the desire to specialize and to be alert to all opportunities.

Do Won was pumping gasoline into BMW’s and Bentley’s, so he became fascinated with the professions of the random clients to the petrol station. His desire opened his mind to the idea that many of them came from the clothing retail industry in California.

Being committed and devoted to realizing his dream, he immediately convinced a clothing store owner to employ him. Obsession makes you come early to work, with the will to learn. The store owner recognized this and taught Do Won everything about running a store because he was inquisitive, curious, and worked far more hours than his salary justified.

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    He saw work as a stepping stone, so three years after coming to America, he and his wife saved $11,000. More than half of the people residing in the U.S. an entire lifetime don’t have this kind of money. This is the early 1980’s we’re talking about. 

    I love savers. They have respect for their time.

    Focusing on a goal makes you alert to your environment, so when a failing clothing store displayed a “for sale” sign, Do Won immediately inquired about buying it. From a little shop, making $30,000 a year, he and his wife renamed it “Fashion 21” and turned it into a $700,000 operation within one calendar year.

    They focused on taking designs straight from the runways, instantly turning them into merchandise, well ahead of the big-name designers, and selling them cheap.

    Word got around, and, of course, and since Do Won had faith in himself, he now has 400 stores worldwide, known as the chain “Forever 21.”

    His net worth exceeds $5B, and the family still owns 100% of the business.

    When you are dead-set on manifesting a specific goal, budgeting your time and money will follow. You bend reality to meet your needs.

    Other people want to cooperate with you because of the inspiration your purposefulness rubs on them.

    As you read this, somewhere on this planet, there is a person, who currently lacks in skill, lacks in resources, and lacks the right circumstances, but he is sure of his success, nonetheless.

    He is already over-delivering at his job (whatever it presently is), might be a minimum wage one, but he is alert to things in his environment. One of these days, he’ll find a niche. Then, he’ll take the step of monetizing it. In 10 years, his mission will turn into millions of dollars, and he will add value to his industry.

    This person can totally be you. Do Won Chang is only one example of how the mind works to help a person, who has one thing in mind. He is not special, nor is he capable of things that you are not. Push forward. Elevate yourself and achieve greatness.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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