FULL-BLOWN: China And Russia Will ATTACK!

Wars, fought with soldiers, are truly not the way of the world, as it once was.

Kings, tyrants, and dictators have attempted, for thousands of years, to bestow their will upon others, using force, only to fail.

In our modern era, it is of no use to conquer other countries. Politics doesn’t work that way anymore. World War 2 was, essentially, peak forced invasion.

From there on, governments have realized, especially in light of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, that wars in the 21st century, can’t be waged and be made efficient, by military measures alone.

Future warfare will not be centered on weapons and standing armies. In fact, as I see it, you need to forget about warfare, for the most part, altogether.

The technologies available today, ready at our disposal, are so powerful and so deadly that most politicians will never have the urge to use them.

Instead of thinking about nuclear wars or the threat of marching armies, I want to engrain in your mind that every day is a war, a struggle, and a fight in the competitive sense of the word, since billions of Chinese and Indians are getting educated and are wasting no time in catching-up with North America and Europe.

Your own life doesn’t have to be such a difficult journey, though. For billions of people, life will only be a struggle, since they’re running a marathon alongside everyone else. What financial education offers you is the use of a 4WD Range Rover, with leather seats and all the perks, so you can “run” this marathon with style. It offers an altogether separate path.

From the day you were born, this marathon has started for you. Escaping the never-ending aches and pains of non-stop running entails changing your thinking, first and foremost.

No work is as laborious and demanding as controlled thinking, which is why most people spend the majority of their waking hours shying away from it by amusing themselves somehow.

Given time alone to be with their own thoughts, they look for entertainment instead, when it is precisely this fruitless endeavor that keeps them running the marathon for good – cradle to grave.

Wealthy, successful people love to experience amazing adventures and to enjoy quality entertainment as well. In fact, they consume much more amusement than the average person, but they take care of priorities first.

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    Washington is losing in this marathon of life. Its legs are tired; its brain isn’t receiving enough oxygen, so it has no issue asking citizens to keep paying taxes, so that its political class can spend $1,500,000,000 a day on interest payments!

    When I was 21, broke, and with only a high school degree, I put blindfolds on, gave up on having a crazy social life, hobbies, or any fascination and fondness to any activity, which set me further away from becoming asset-rich. Becoming engulfed with cash flow sources was my sole, real focus.

    I believe in rest, in leisure, and in taking time to explore our world, but I made sure that if I engaged in these, then the time blocks would be well spent and I still adhere to this rule, every single day. In other words, be conscious about any time you decide to allocate, whether it is for the sake of building your cash flow income or for the sake of resting your mind. Live purposely.

    For example, when I train, I am listening to Napoleon Hill audiobooks on my headset, feeding my mind with winning principles.

    When I’m with friends, I am making the best use of my time, by engaging in thoughtful conversation and by participating in unique excursions, such as hiking up mountains, going on 4WD tours or sailing a boat in the lake. I refuse to sit and gossip or to hear about the weather and the latest TV shows.

    Most people lack passion. Rekindle your desires, your greatest ideas and goals, and GO!

    China and Russia will attack the U.S. dollar. You’ll see tens of millions of Americans, who have never read a personal development book in their lives, but know everything there is to know about their favorite celebrities, shell-shocked about the trajectory of their lives, when credit is not so readily available.

    I’ve had many moments of utter desperation when MY journey seemed too big of a task, but my dedication to give my wife and future generation the best of everything has helped me to implant habits in my subconscious that have proven themselves, again and again.

    In 2019, put blindfolds on. Don’t look to the outside for confirmation. Instead, look at measurable results, as the only thing that counts.

    Everyone likes to hand-out free advice like a genius, until they aren’t anymore. In the end, you’re an individual. It comes down to a simple choice, really – get busy living, or let the world confine you to boundaries, set by people more tenacious than you.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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