Ten years have passed, since America’s real estate bubble pushed the country, indeed the entire world, into the brink of collapse. Man, I remember it so vividly. The panic was mesmerizing, downright paralyzing, if you didn’t have your emotions in check.

Many bad people have stayed out of jail and ended-up obscenely wealthy in the process. This should not have happened, and it hasn’t been corrected with new laws, nor does it look like it will anytime soon.

In fact, many frailties appeared, cracks in the way America was built and managed.

Reading American history, though, I am always amazed at what the free-enterprise system has unleashed, the tremendous achievements made by people, originating in this country, which has dominated the world for so long.

Reading history tells us a lot about the culture of a nation, and the United States is definitely one of the strongest entities to ever exist. It doesn’t easily break, nor does it fall apart often.

Betting against it has been the worst financial decision of the past 242 years.

American ingenuity is behind some of the most incredible products, innovations, services, ideas, and companies to ever exist.

It has its fair share of problems, including a massive debt load, which is getting harder and harder to service, a fractional reserve banking system, which is dependent on trust and relies on foreigners, a wealthy class that is growing richer much faster than the general economy, while the majority of the population are either staying put or are even losing ground, but I’m not betting against it – not by a long shot.

What I am betting on is that, just like in the past 105 years, since the bankers on Jekyll Island inked the idea of having a central bank in place, we will see the “experts” getting it wrong, causing some disruption that will hurt investors.

No one knows how any crisis originates, but some investors have figured out how to shelter themselves from its effects.

What the past 10 years have shown us is that expanding the currency supply doesn’t necessarily equal inflation. It has revealed that interest rates can be “played” with, that the central banks have ungodly abilities to mess around with the way people do business, with the government’s blessing or without it.

The 2008 crisis has shown us that our politicians haven’t the faintest idea about business cycles, about systemic risks, or about how to fix many of the present challenges facing the population.

Therefore, I want to make sure you invest in the one asset class, which will take you to new heights you can’t even imagine today, but you must believe me that it will.

The asset class that will make you wealthy and prosperous in today’s world, more than ever before, is relationships.

Here are some real-world examples, which speak volumes on how millions, make that billions and trillions, of dollars are made.

“Magic” Johnson, who has developed some of the best people skills in the world, was able to attract LeBron James to the Lakers this summer after one session with him. This is the sort of deal that generates billions for a franchise.

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

Wealth Education and Investment Principles Are Hidden From Public Database On Purpose!

Build The Knowledge Base To Set Yourself Up For A Wealthy Retirement and Leverage The Relationships We Are Forming With Proven Small-Cap Management Teams To Hit Grand-Slams!

    My friend’s relationship with a real estate broker, who handled Bank of America’s foreclosures in the years after the crash (2009-2011), helped him get first dibs on properties that never went on the public database. He was able to bid on some of these, now commonly termed “Pocket Listings,” by investing in their relationship.

    In 2018 alone, I was invited into several private placements for companies that have since gone public, thanks to relationships I had built over the years with venture capitalists.

    The power of forming strong and lasting bonds is irrefutable, but it is more important than ever, in today’s world.


    Start today by writing down a list of 10 people you will “experiment” the impact of this with. They should include immediate family members, your closest friends, co-workers, your superiors, several potential clients, and people in your community.Don’t do anything weird. Instead, think of ways to be more kind to them, more generous, courteous, much more patient in conduct, and in good spirits, exhibiting tact and a sense of humor, on top of a fondness for them, while socializing, in general.

    Resolve to suffer through this, because it takes effort to master. When you decide to become a people person, you will immediately notice it is a difficult task, sometimes frustrating and tiring, but you need to will through it, until your capability to figure out people, before they even bring up a subject, is world-class.

    In three years, which is less than the time it takes to get a salary raise these days, you will have built an army of supporters around you. By elevating yourself, you will meet a higher level of influencers, who will want things of value from you, in exchange for their time.

    The most important thing you can give someone, while interacting with them, is the FEELING that associating with you will advance their own life.

    You can give that feeling to anyone, a king or a homeless person, by having confidence that your intentions are pure, that your goal for the interaction is to increase the lot of both parties, and by respecting the other’s needs, above all else.

    If you make this (developing into a great person to be around) the chief aim for the next few years, by November of 2021, your income will have more than doubled, and your poise will lead you onto many more accomplishments.

    All people seek the acquaintance of a person, who projects the subtle feeling of advancement. Get serious about this, and see your lifestyle explode to the upside faster than a speeding bullet.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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