Over 303 mines have been SHUT DOWN around the world. Among them, over 180 are of the precious metals niche. It would take months to RE-OPEN them.

Literally, the entire industry has been turned UPSIDE DOWN, and we can capitalize on this in a major way. The world will NEVER shut down AGAIN!

Our gold position is ESSENTIALLY the best-performing asset class to be in.

The next step is to CAPITALIZE on a leveraged play. What I’ve found is a company that is DIVERSIFIED in gold exploration ADJACENT to some of the most high-grade, low-cost producers on the planet and OWNS a massive South American project that has a HIGH LIKELIHOOD of going into production.

Because it’s a NEW TICKER, the market cap is NOT REFLECTING any of this!

Remember, Newmont Mining is the BEST-PERFORMING stock in the S&P 500 in 2020; all hedge funds are now reshuffling portfolios and looking at where the trends are. Clearly, nothing is better than natural resources, with all of the PRINTING and stimulus underway.

In the next few hours, I’ll complete my DUE-DILIGENCE on this NEW IDEA and will be PUBLISHING it in full tomorrow morning.

I’m part of a high-net-worth brainstorming network, and we’re ALL CRAMMING on this one ticker as we speak.


Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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Governments Have Amassed ungodly Debt Piles and Have Promised Retirees Unreasonable Amounts of Entitlements, Not In Line with Income Tax Collections. The House of Cards Is Set To Be Worse than 2008! Rising Interest Rates Can Topple The Fiat Monetary Structure, Leaving Investors with Less Than Half of Their Equity Intact!

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