GOLD $1,300: Recession Fears Hit FEVER PITCH!

Silver Nearing $16, Up 13.4% In 45 Days

What an absolutely miserable start for the year for stock markets. Apple’s latest announcement just added fuel to the fire, along with the worst Manufacturing ISM numbers in a very long time.

There’s no denying it anymore – the world is getting used to the idea that a slowdown is imminent, causing bond yields to INVERT, compared with the FED Funds Rate, a phenomenon we haven’t seen since 2008.

Take a close look:


As you know, all three major U.S. indexes closed 2018 in the red. This is the 1st time it has happened since 2008. The Dow Jones lost 5.63%, the S&P 500 fell 6.24%, and the NASDAQ declined 3.88%.

In December, the NASDAQ fell into bear market territory and all three indices are trading below key technical indicators.

To understand how rare it is to see such a horrible December, you need to realize that in the past 100 years; it has been (1) the best-performing month of the year at an average of 1.5% monthly gains and (2) closed in the green on 3 out of every 4 years, historically.

The game is changing right in front of us. It’s a real storm, because the government is in shutdown, nothing has been resolved with China, stocks are all under pressure, but it can certainly intensify further and worst of all, the FED and the administration are indecisive on a coherent strategy of monetary and fiscal policies.

You know, it’s even bigger than that. The border wall fiasco is causing democrats to raise their voices and seek impeachment, while President Trump has threatened “months and years” of government shutdown.

Gold is higher since August and silver is up beautifully since mid-November, when we called the bottom, publishing a report on the unsustainable 85:1 ratio, which always comes right before a silver rally.

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    Silver miners are beginning to catch fire and we must be EARLY, or risk the chance of enjoying the sharp rebounds these small-cap stocks are bound to experience, as investors reprice them from their abysmal low valuations.

    The company that I’m betting big on today is currently evaluating the potential of bringing a past producing silver mine in Nevada back into production. In fact, it was one of the richest silver producers in the State and was in production by a major mining company, Kinross Gold, until the late 1990’s.

    Nevada is the 3rd best mining jurisdiction in the world and, outside of Alaska, it is the largest silver producer in the United States. Of course, this being Nevada and the fact that the property was a past producer means the permitting process should be clear and transparent, so I expect management to encounter very few roadblocks on its way to develop the project.

    Bottom line is that silver has been in a deficit since 2004, and it is getting worse. In 2018, this company saw its shares tumble by more than 50%, as investors reached extreme pessimism with regards to precious metals, as they believed many more rate hikes were coming.

    All told, the tightening cycle has hurt this stock, big-time. Shares are down more than 82%, in total, since 2016.

    Consider taking a position with 
Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & US: SVLRF) NOW!

    On top of potentially advancing the leach pads at Candelaria, the company has significant high grade silver exploration upside at the Candelaria project as well as exploring what could be a highly-mineralized Cherokee project in Nevada.

    The Cherokee project covers over 7.5 miles of structures hosing multiple veins with values of up to 954 g/t silver and 4.83% copper. Also, the company is about to drill its highly prospective Penasco Quemado project in Sonora State, Mexico. To put that into perspective, know that Penasco Quemado has geological similarities to the South 32 Hermosa Taylor project in Arizona, which was recently acquired by Arizona Mining!

    For a tiny operation like this one, making progress in 2019 on their Nevada and Mexican silver projects, especially concrete news regarding a path to develop the leach pads at Candelaria, suggests that 2019 will be a game-changing year for the company.

    If silver continues to rally, on the backs of this horrific period for stocks, bonds and weaker economic data from the U.S., which is causing a weaker dollar, this could become our most successful companies that we cover.

    Consider shares of Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & US: SLVRF) NOW!

    ** SPECIAL NOTE: I’m building a long-term position in this company, effective immediately, in a joint private fund I own with 3 expert partners in this sector. **

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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