GOLD SUPPLY CRUNCH? Renowned Geologist Eric Saderholm on the Critical State of Gold Mining Today

Even with gold’s 5,000-year history and its broad use as both a metal and money, we have to respect how little of it has actually been discovered. Finding gold is difficult, and in the past three decades, it has become nearly impossible. How will this impact the price of gold and miners, and what does it mean for the future of the industry as a whole?

It’s a challenging but essential question, so Portfolio Wealth Global spoke with accomplished geologist Eric Saderholm, who is the president and a director of American Pacific Mining Corp. (CSE: USGD, OTC: USGDF), a gold exploration company that’s focused on building and drilling a portfolio of precious metal projects in the Western United States.

Mr. Saderholm earned a stellar reputation in the exploration and development community at Newmont Mining, where he served for 12 years in multiple roles, including Exploration Manager for the Western U.S. Altogether, Eric Saderholm has nearly three decades of experience in the mineral industry, with leadership roles in exploration, project development, property management, and mining.

Moreover, Eric Saderholm was the Vice President of Project Development at U.S. Gold from August 2006 until early 2008 and served as the President of Western Pacific Resources Corp. from its inception in June 2009 until July 2015. He has worked on many large mines and projects and has been integral to geologic teams that added millions of ounces of gold to reserve bases in Nevada, Washington, and Peru.

Today, Eric Saderholm is bringing his successful experience at Newmont, U.S. Gold, and Western Pacific to provide superior value to American Pacific and its shareholders. It’s a small company with incredible potential, and with his vast knowledge and success in the field, Mr. Saderholm is one of American Pacific’s greatest assets.


Given Mr. Saderholm’s insider access to the mining sector, it made perfect sense for Portfolio Wealth Global to ask him about the possibility of a gold supply crunch. According to Eric Saderholm, gold itself has never been considered a supply-and-demand metal. Instead, it’s always been a store of wealth – the only money that never goes to zero.

However, according to Eric Saderholm, in the last several years, with the very fast pace at which some of the mines conduct their mining activity, they can’t add reserves or resources as quickly as they’re mining – they’re essentially mining themselves out of business.

As this happens, these mining pits get deeper and deeper, and it becomes harder to get the ore out of the pits to make the gold product. This makes it much more expensive, according to Eric Saderholm, and some of them eventually end up mining themselves out of business. A textbook example of this would be the Carlin Trend, a huge mining belt in Nevada that is going to be cut by 50%.

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As a result, gold is moving up in value not only as a store of wealth, but also from a supply-and-demand standpoint. If the price of gold stays between $1,300 and $1,400, many of the big producers worldwide will be out of business, according to Eric Saderholm. However, this can be good for gold, as the demand going up and supply going down should put upward pressure on the price.


With American Pacific Mining Corp., Mr. Saderholm sees huge upside in an industry where the bigger companies are, in many cases, mining themselves out of business. The next wave of successful companies will be the small to mid-tier miners, according to Eric Saderholm, who are willing to take a risk on a project like Tuscarora, American Pacific’s flagship Nevada project.

Mr. Saderholm joined American Pacific because he wanted to be part of the next wave of mining companies – the ones that provide supreme value to shareholders. It’s been said that “grade is king” in the mining niche, and the Tuscarora project is in the top tier when it comes to high-grade gold mining projects.

You’ll learn much more about the gold and mining markets through Portfolio Wealth Global’s in-depth conversation with Mr. Saderholm, so be sure to watch the presentation in its entirety. And for an outstanding opportunity in the coming gold mining bull market, visit American Pacific Mining Corp.’s Website and consider shares of USGD/USGDF today.

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