Green Means Go! Profits WILL BE MASSIVE for Cannabis in 2018

We’re seeing a clear movement happening right now in the markets. It’s a big move and it is gaining traction day by day, week by week, month by month. This movement will make millionaires and billionaires, and Portfolio Wealth Global is watching closely, ready to make our move.

It’s the cannabis movement, a global phenomenon that is taking the equities markets by storm. Not everyone will get rich from this, but sophisticated investors with the right timing, and the right company, will see immense gains very soon.

All of the latest research and statistics point to astounding upside potential in the legalized cannabis markets. Even the U.S. President, Donald Trump, has stated that he “probably will end up supporting that,” referring to the pro-cannabis STATES Act bill that’s circulating in Congress right now.

All signs point to a $57 billion legalized cannabis industry in the next few years. The statistical road map is indicating a green movement that is spreading to all continents:

Courtesy of

How long will it be before the world map is completely filled with bright green? It’s unstoppable and inevitable, and you can profit from this if you’re positioned correctly.

I’m placing my bets with Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX-V:PURE). It is the best company in the cannabis niche.

Pure Global Cannabis is a new company, built by a team of highly experienced professionals representing a diversity of experience in pharma and wellness science, business and finance, biology and ecology, data and analytics.

Founder and CEO Malay Panchal has built it from the ground up – a fully licensed and government-approved producer of legal cannabis, dedicated to developing new and innovative brands and products for the discerning Canadian consumer.

I’m putting this one at the top of my list of the best picks of 2018. At the heart of this company is Pure Global Cannabis’ PureSinse facility, a massive grow space for legalized cannabis, strategically located in Brampton, Ontario, just 10 minutes from the Toronto International Airport and 35 minutes to the downtown core.

By the first quarter of 2019, the PureSinse facility will host an incredible 41,000 square feet of growing space capable of producing an astonishing 8,000 kilograms per year of 100% legal cannabis product.

Just consider what an investment in today’s cannabis market will do in the coming weeks, months, and years: it is bound to turn your holdings bright green and turn dreams of wealth into a reality. Whether it’s for legal medical or recreational adult use, cannabis is gaining wide acceptance among politicians, governments, and the populace in general.

You can see the upward trajectory right now and in the near future:

Courtesy of ArcView Market Research, Money Morning Staff Research

A compound annual growth rate of 31% is absolutely fantastic, and I’m bringing you this report so you won’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

Pure Global Cannabis(TSX-V: PURE) is my TOP pick for 2018 because it’s got a visionary leader, a superb team of experts in multiple fields, and huge growth prospects.


It’s the best possible company to get into right now in this tremendous cannabis market.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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