HEAD-TO-HEAD: Trump Confronts Billionaires – MARKETS RATTLED!

Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

This chart got my attention and is RAISING EYEBROWS, since the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund doesn’t do MUCH SELLING, historically.

Today on Twitter, President Trump WENT TO WORK, defending the price of America’s stock market.

This was in response to the remarks made by Sam Zell (real estate billionaire), David Tepper (billionaire owner of the Carolina Panthers), Stanley Druckenmiller (legendary trader partner of George Soros), Ray Dalio (who needs no introduction), James Gorman (CEO of Morgan Stanley), Jim Chanos (best SHORT-SELLER in history) and several other POWERBROKERS, who are telling us the markets are SEVERELY overvalued.

Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

The polls, if you can BELIEVE THEM, predict that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, but we find them HARD TO DIGEST.

With six months to go, Biden is nowhere to be seen.

The mainstream media will kick into HIGH GEAR in order to turn this Democratic dream into a reality, but I’m not CONVINCED they have the muscle to pull this off.

China has already felt the first of many BLOWS that American companies will deliver to it; Apple is relocating 20% of iPhone production to India.

This is merely the STARTING GUN. In the next few months, countries will benefit from the hatred the international community has got towards China.

CEOs are under tremendous pressure to divest manufacturing capabilities out of China since they’ll be blamed for anything that occurs to their operations if not moved, on top of fearing U.S. sanctionsm, placed upon them.

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    In response, Trump tweeted this:

    I agree that gurus can MOVE MARKETS with mere words, but in my opinion, THEY’RE RIGHT, even if Donald wants the market comeback on his watch, right before elections.

    Here’s the bottom line: MARKETS aren’t cheap and offer limited upside.

    On the flipside, gold stocks are SOARING, one of which is Royal Gold (RGLD). We’ve featured it several times over the years, and the stock is ready to BREAK OUT above its previous all-time high!

    Since 1991, this royalty company has yielded a 10,000% return. Yea, that’s NOT A TYPO!

    Literally, in 30 years, every $10,000 invested has turned into $1,000,000.

    How often do you see an $8.45B company with 20 employees? Answer is NEVER.

    In today’s world, it takes TWO DECADES to take a mineral discovery into production. The reason this is SUPER-IMPORTANT is that if we’re in a bull market for gold, which we are, there’s a 1-to-4-year window in which FORTUNES are made; the boom cycle.

    We’ve ENTERED this window, since other sectors LOOK BAD compared to gold.

    I expect to make BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS as soon as tomorrow!


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