HENRY KISSINGER: Petrodollar Architect is Scared of PUTIN!

99 Years Old

Amazingly, Henry Kissinger is still alive. He was Richard Nixon’s right-hand man who went to the Saudis when the French sent a military boat to the shores of New York as a sign that they wanted to redeem their dollar holdings for gold bars. This was done to create trading demand for the dollar, which was about to get squeezed by Europe as it recovered.

At 99 years old, he was born in May 1923 in Germany.

Kissinger was also crucial in opening dialogue with China, and he’s now spoken his mind about Russia. He is the definition of what happens when you give a globalist too much power: he ABUSES it because he believes he’s a genius that can engineer society, but he’s often WRONG.

Before the conflict began, Kissinger greatly opposed Ukraine becoming a NATO member, explaining that this would be a provocation by the West and that Russia, which is always on high alert, would not stand for it.

Russia is a vast country that’s divided into 11 time zones! The world is much better off with a politically stable Russia because internal conflict and heavy sanctions would destabilize it and unleash the threat of its nuclear arsenal on the world.

Kissinger is widely controversial because he is a realist. He makes tough decisions and forces countries into very difficult situations bordering the maniac, which got him accused of war crimes.

His stance is that the West must concede to Russian demands because the international community must welcome Putin back even if they don’t want to or they will face a rogue Russia, a country with atomic capabilities like no other.

The plan is to create a ceasefire and truce based on lines that the Russians agree to.

I think Kissinger is right in this scenario; the West has aggravated Russia and failed with diplomacy because he kept gobbling up more nations into NATO until the threat turned real.

Russia chose to react, and people can debate the way it did, but the bird’s eye view is:

1. NATO expands far more than it originally claimed it will.

2. Russia sees this as an act of aggression.

3. Russia responds.

Now, what comes next will shape the world order for decades to come, and Kissinger warns nations that Russia, isolated from the global system, is not efficient.

If I look online, millions in the United States blame globalists, foreign policy, and foreign intervention for what’s happening and think Russia is winning the war.

Others think the opposite; the matter could not be more polarizing.

Simply by writing about this topic, we will probably be flooded with feedback that we’re wrong or that we’re brainwashed, so we know we can’t please everyone.

All we do know is this: countries with nuclear capabilities like Russia, China, and the United States cannot endanger humanity by acting hastily or cynically.

The next step MUST BE to make concessions and compromise by hearing each other out and finding common ground.

The technological advancements in artificial intelligence and military technologies in computing and space have brought humanity to a point where we either use these doomsday weapons as leverage to maintain peace or we’ll destroy ourselves.

China, Russia, and the United States must learn to coexist and allow others to flourish – not seek to dominate.

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    The stakes are too high.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com, Bloomberg

    In a world where the hegemony of the United States is in question, gold is again showing its true colors. I expect it to not only continue gaining after its best month since August 2011 but to safely reach $2,100 by May!

    It’s just in time to celebrate Henry’s 100th birthday 52 years after he created fiat currencies and allowed gold to prove its dominance over government paper.

    Russia has held firm and Putin will soon be invited to talk terms, which will be huge for the global economy.

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