High-Yield Masters: 8% Yield Income Stocks

High-Yield Masters

High-Yield Masters are stocks that are designed to provide yields that are uncanny in the market. Retirees, savers, and savvy investors in search of high yields outside of bonds understand the importance of passive income to a well-rounded portfolio. The two High-Yield Masters in this exclusive issue are rock solid and poised and built to generate wealth.

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Absolute Income

The Trump era has begun and with a record 80 million people retiring in the U.S. alone, a steady income stream is an all-important financial factor to secure.The Portfolio Wealth Global team researched 16 separate income ideas and 53 different stocks, in order to identify the ultimate strategies to generate income and fat yields in a low-interest rates world.

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Relentless Profit Thrivers: Compounding Out-Performing Stocks

Monopoly Money: The Dominant Force in Technology

Enduring and sustainable wealth requires owning companies with a solid competitive advantage over long periods. It’s called compounding, which Albert Einstein dubbed “the 8th wonder of the world”. The stock market has been running higher for 8 consecutive years, and opportunities to own the highest-quality businesses in the world at attractive valuations are scarce. That’s why this is such a unique set up – a world-class investment in a world full of mediocre ones.

It might be the cheapest stock we’ve ever seen for a mega-cap. It wont trade like this for long – as income addicts, this is a rare moment for us.

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Toll Road on Health Care

A certain group of stocks make double-digit returns without any effort on your part, and they outperform any other investment in the safety and long-term ability to grow your fortune. I invest 25%-40% of my fortune in them every year – they are Wealth Stocks.

Over a 40-year timespan, a dividend grower has made investors a 6,000% return!
If you start out with $20,000, your holdings would be worth $1,200,000 after 4 decades at this yield curve.

Under the radar of the mainstream media, this company flourishes and will be a your legacy money-maker.

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The Future of Food is in This Company’s Hands

It’s no surprise that a majority of the best companies on the planet are in the food industry. Satisfying this ever-existent demand creates enormous wealth for shareholders of businesses who know their customers. In this Classic Issue, the research we bring to you introduces one of best companies in the world. It dominates a market that shows no signs of weakness, a shareholder’s dream. Its biggest institutional shareholder is State Farm Insurance. This business will thrive and make investors very wealthy, safely beating the market.

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Keeping the World’s Motors Running: W. W. Grainger

Long-term wealth is created by compounding your money with the best, and this company leads the low-tech niche of MRO, using superb high-tech technology sales strategies. This powerful combination of a simple business model and an advanced sales force leads to market-beating returns for decades.

Its top institutional shareholders are a who’s who of the investing world. This is an opportunity to partner with the best in the world.

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Activity Disease

Investing requires us to master a number of specialized skills. This Classic Issue revolves entirely around the wealth principle of building and maintaining a position that has enormous potential, but MOST investors never quite apply it to their portfolio. In 2008, applying this principle would have saved investors billions of dollars. Learn this Wealth Strategy and you will be light years ahead of the rest.

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Transporting the Goods of The World

Being No.1 is extremely difficult, but this company stands out in an industry that is about as safe and booming as it comes. Global trade is going through the roof with Asia’s middle class becoming richer and richer, and products need to cross oceans on time to meet deadlines and satisfy consumers. This company makes it all possible and will make its shareholders fortunes over the next decades.

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Make a Fortune From Cradle to Grave

A core holding is an investment in a business that just keeps growing and becoming more efficient and profitable for decades. Owning such businesses is the master key to stock market wealth. This company is in an industry with products that have constant demand, and it dominates the industry, which makes it a recession-proof company. Out-performance is what this business is used to, and it will keep on making its shareholders wealthier every year.

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Global Finance: The Six Types of Stocks

Six Types of Stocks Part 1: Slow Growers

There is nothing exciting about watching a green banana turn yellow, but it’s as close to a sure thing as possible. This group of stocks are similar to a green banana – they are the market version of a “sure thing.” If you are looking for retirement stocks to own that will be gushing cash for decades to come, this report features the foundation to safe asset compounding over the long-term.

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Six Types of Stocks Part 2: Stalwarts

The S&P 500 has returned an annual return of roughly 7% since inception. This group of stocks historically return more than 10% per year, with much less risk. These businesses make so much money that shareholders receive bigger dividends every year, and the compounding effect has the potential of turning every $10,000 into roughly $250,000 in about 3 decades. That’s how powerful they are.

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Six Types of Stocks Part 3: Cyclicals

This is by far one of the most explosive groups of stocks. They swing from undervalued to overvalued and back to undervalued. By learning the cycles, enormous wealth can be generated. Peter Lynch — who generated 29% annually and is regarded as the top mutual fund manager of all time — was a big fan of them. Learn to master these industries and you can double your money in less than a year and do this consistently. In fact, that is one of the main Core Values at Wealth Research Group. This Special Report will lay out how possible this really is.

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Six Types of Stocks Part 4: Turnaround

Change is one of the hardest things to do, but in business, you can either change or become irrelevant. This group of companies do just that. Some businesses are involved in dynamic industries, which evolve constantly, and therefore if they don’t make continuing adjustments, their market share shrinks and a new strategy takes place. The market punishes companies that show no short-term prospects, but if the strategy works, the gains are absolutely ridiculous. This Special Report outlines everything you need to know about spotting these stocks.

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Six Types of Stocks Part 5: Asset Plays

The stock market is nothing new, and some companies have been around for more than 150 years. You probably never thought about it, but they own assets that they bought back in the day for what are now exceptionally high prices. On the company books, the price of purchase is nothing compared to its true modern day value. Thus, some companies have this secret worth not mentioned anywhere in their books. This Special Report explains in-depth what the potential is of finding these rare gems.

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Six Types of Stocks Part 6: Fast Growers

Every few years, a company just gets everything right. The business model is embraced by a local market, and then the company expands rapidly, basically copying the success to multiple markets. This is a dream for an investor who is looking for growth. In this Special Report, the details of this group are disclosed, including how to easily find them.

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