I Guarantee This Will Work

Forget all about justice and fairness. Don’t look for a level playing field between all people. It is a fantasy and isn’t real.

We did not create this world. We came into it, each with our own particular circumstances, and we must adapt to the ways of it.

Being mediocre in this life is all but the norm these days, and I’m sure you will agree with me that too many spend their lives complaining about the way this world feels to them, instead of flexing their minds to deal with the world the way it is. Most people are not like us, seeking to educate ourselves and grow daily.

At the end of WW2, a man was hiding in a 2-meter by 1-meter hole in the backyard of a Hungarian woman, along with two others. For three months, she supplied food to them, who lived in total darkness, out of the kindness of her heart, risking her life by getting caught helping Jews hide from the Nazis.

When the three realized the risk they were inflicting on the woman was getting too imminent, they decided to head on. One of the three had the equivalent of $50 and the remaining two were flat broke. He gave each of them $17 and kept $16 to himself. All three had been fortunate enough to have survived the war.

The man who helped his friends was named David Gantz, my grandfather. He came to Israel after 6 brothers and sisters and his mother had died in the war. He was 18.

Those were the cards dealt to him, and that was his starting point of adulthood.

Do not waste time considering how you would use certain things if you only had them. Simply consider how to use what you have at your disposal.

That’s the difference between the majority, who go through life protesting and moaning about how others have more resources, and you and I, the minority, who are taking action by reading letters, such as Portfolio Wealth Global, and putting resourcefulness above current resources when we look at life.

Many people are at a standstill because they are making only partial use of present means, power, and opportunities.

Notice that ALL of these people were witnesses to the success of the McDonald’s secret to retail stardom, but he alone built the relationship with Mac and Dick McDonald, took them to dinners, courted them, learned their smart kitchen design, and signed the franchise agreement with them.

Unlike thousands of others who were there for those early years, he used what was in front of him in the most perfect way. Yes, he was naughty and later cheated those brothers out of billions of dollars, but the message here is one of personal initiative and of using your imagination to the fullest. The result is visible in the hundreds of thousands of McDonald’s branches spanning the globe.

Of course, we have all heard the success stories of 20- and 30-year-olds, which are common with today’s global and technological business landscape.

Don’t allow age to act as a roadblock.

Do not wait for a change with anything or anyone else in order to begin living – get busy living now.

Human nature hasn’t changed for thousands of years, and it will stay the same for thousands more. Live now by cashing in on the one thing you know always brings wealth to your life: over-delivering.

The free enterprise system has one judge and jury. The only question that matters is whether you are performing to the best of your abilities or allowing yourself to drift into mediocrity.

It’s your life and you get to dictate it. The fear of criticism, perception by others, and impression of others are what stop most from ever-excelling.

It is utter nonsense to factor in what others perceive of you, as their opinions change like the color of leaves according to the season.

The fact is that 95% of people are wrong 95% of the time, like Einstein said, and you are the most capable person in your life. All you have to do is firmly take control of your mind and utilize your imagination to its fullest extent.

It’s certain that you will progress more rapidly if you make the most perfect use of what you have. In fact, this is the determining factor in how quickly you attain things.

If you want to advance in your workplace, you can only do it by doing your present work in a manner that leaves a surplus of energy. That surplus will allow you to get the breaks you want, which are now blocked from you. Surplus is created by repetition; you become too good for your current scope of work.

Don’t chase after more responsibilities until you have that energy to spare – you will fail. There’s time for everything, and it’s a simple road to progress.

Shortcuts only prolong the path and make it stressful.

At the end of the day, we are very much the same, you and I – we both want to basically live more.

Remember that there are avenues in life that are blocked for us. We aren’t all born with athleticism to be in the NBA, or with amazing singing voices to fill out concert stadiums like Aerosmith, but we all possess unique abilities that we can use now, wherever we are, no matter what our surroundings may be, and develop those abilities further until opportunities for more knock on our doors.

Total failure is so dangerous because it’s always right around the corner and lurking for all of us if we rest on our laurels. There are millions of brilliant people who never invent anything. The world is full of millions of talented musicians who never compose anything. All around us are millions of talented orators who never help anyone by inspiring and motivating them.

Talents are our tools, but it’s up to us to exploit them.

Think of it as being like having a magnificent piano in your living room that can produce enchanting music, but with no one to play it. Unless you learn how to direct its tones, no one will ever gain value from the piano.

Open your eyes to what others (customers and superiors) want and demand and find ways to supply that by beating the expectations. The result is being able to live the life you deserve.

All so-called miraculous success stories are devowed of miracles in the common sense of the word – no magic was involved. The only miracle is sheer determination of willpower to over-deliver for others, which propelled their lives and made them famous in the eyes of others.

Believe me, all these people did was come to terms with their starting point in life and get busy building their legacy.

You already have a starting point as well. It’s right where you are, and that fact will never change. Don’t wait to get to the Oval Office to do great things – do them now and you’ll advance.

The same goes for me.

I love the weekends because they give me time to take inventory of all the things I have to be thankful for and I can express gratitude for what I usually take for granted.

Life is full of opportunities, and someone else will gladly seize them if you don’t.

Convince yourself that rising to the next level is worth the price you pay in mental coins by applying more time to meaningful thoughts, rather than meaningless ones, and continue to think!

Take inventory. It will be a pleasurable experience for you. Look at how you can be a better human being, a more loving husband or wife, a more spoiling boyfriend or girlfriend, a more effective employee or employer, a more understanding parent or child, and a more loyal friend or colleague.

Improvement with any of these will reflect and enhance all aspects of your life, including adding poise and confidence to your investment decisions and results over the long-term.

Think about how you can charge forward now and add value to others. It’s your insurance against failure – a bulletproof plan. Make that your dominant thought and failure will dissolve itself from your life forever.

For me, the passion is sharing and publishing investment research, and with Portfolio Wealth Global, I plan to keep over-delivering for you for years and decades to come.

We will be at the forefront of the natural resource sector, marijuana legalization, cutting-edge technologies, income ideas, personal finance, global economy, and the big picture with updates, alerts, our YouTube channel, and our proprietary stock evaluation process. We do this so your starting point each day keeps getting better.

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