From seed to sale, the cannabis supply chain has produced more millionaires than any other segment of the economy I’ve ever witnessed.

I’m rushing this to you because there’s a new cannabis market dominator in the making and I we’re the first one to cover the next moneymaking opportunity.

Although it’s listed on the Canadian CSE exchange, it’s not your typical Canadian cannabis company. The vast majority of those companies are fighting amongst themselves in the Canadian and U.S. markets, while this company is breaking new ground in a largely untapped weed market.

Instead of limiting themselves to one continent like the other companies do, Isracann (CSE: IPOT, OTC: ISCNF) is breaking new ground by partnering with leading Israeli research institutions and universities to leverage their expertise and bring novel products to fresh, lucrative markets in Israel and the European Union.

Darryl Jones, President and CEO of Isracann, has over 15 years of capital market experience, an established financial network, and he’s brought some top guns on board. For instance, Nitin Kaushal serves as Isracann’s Strategic Advisor and he’s been involved in over 40 M&A, strategic advisory, and licensing assignments for a range of companies from early-stage biotech to large pharmaceutical companies.

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    Mr. Jones also secured a cannabis market superstar on Isracann’s board: Brett Allan, who has over 10 years of investment and capital market experience. Mr. Allan has assisted in raising $400 million in the cannabis sector as the VP of Corporate Development for Organigram and as a founding member of Emblem Health and The Green Organic Dutchman.

    Because the company’s grow facilities are located in the warm, cannabis-friendly climate of Israel, Isracann has a big advantage over Canadian companies as a low-cost producer of high-grade medical marijuana, with an anticipated cost of just $0.40 per gram. Isracann’s facilities will be IMC-GAP/GSP certified to meet all regulatory standards, allowing the company to target the Israeli and vast European cannabis markets soon.

    Each of Isracann’s facilities is 57,500 square feet, with an estimated annual production capacity of 5,750 kilograms of dried cannabis flower. Altogether, Isracann is fully funded for 230,000 square feet with an annual capacity of 23,500 kilograms of cannabis product – this is massive, and it will be massively profitable.

    The fact that IPOT/ISCNF shares are trading so far below the company’s intrinsic value is basically a glitch in the system – the market is mispricing Isracann because Canada’s market is overhyped and overheated. There’s a ton of competition in the Canadian market, while Israel and cannabis-friendly European countries are ripe for the picking.

    You can consider Isracann a trailblazer because they’re clearing a path to profits in markets that will be crowded someday but are underappreciated today. And that’s how tomorrow’s winners are made: get into the trade before the latecomers catch on, as the cannabis market is going global and Isracann will be the first, the fastest, and the finest on the market.

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    Tom Beck
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