Iran’s Super-Bunker Teases Stealth B-2 Bombers

Multi-Front War

Iran just disclosed that they’re building what they refer to as a Super-Bunker, which is estimated to be around 100 meters in depth. Within it, the Iranians have constructed another nuclear facility.

What can we assume is inside of it?

Well, to start with, people – personnel working on enriching uranium, so that would entail equipment, laboratories, cooling systems, generators, centrifuges and much more.

What can the West do about it?

First off, they can relax. It’s not like Iran is the only nuclear power in the world with goals and commitments to destroy and annihilate Western countries, and they’re certainly not the only ones with a nuclear arsenal – their enemies have them too!

To attack their bunker and demolish it is extremely complex and would, if attempted, lead to war breaking out in the Middle East, so it has to be considered from that angle.

How would you bomb a bunker that is within a mountain and is this long and deep?

You’d need a bunker buster.

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    These were first used in WW2 by the enormous Lancaster Bombers, which carried just one per plane, because the missiles were just ginormous.

    After Truman’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan, the new geopolitical paradigm was that from then on, all wars would be atomic, so bunker busters were put aside. But in the 1960s and 1970s, they came back in style.

    Narrower and longer, they looked nothing like their originals, which were both massive and heavy. This new generation could be loaded in pairs, and had propulsion in their tails.

    Bunker fortification improved, so the GBU-28 that was used by the Americans in Iraq really shocked Saddam’s generals in the first Gulf War, because it could penetrate anything.

    Today, the Americans have the GBU-57, which weighs 12 tons and is GPS-guided. This wonder-bomb can penetrate up to 60 meters deep and is made from a steel alloy that is 2.5x stronger than steel used in cannons.

    But the Iranians know this as well… that’s why in this newly-disclosed facility, just a mile south of Natanz’s nuclear site, they use a much-improved concrete formula, of the UHPC type, which is mixed with steel and carbon, making it 4x stronger than traditional concrete.

    After all that build-up, what then can the Americans or Israelis do to it?

    For one, you’d need B-2 Stealth Bombers to destroy Iran’s aerial defense launchers and, even if you could get that done, you’d need scores of fighter jets, each releasing bombs with scientific-level precision to make this work.

    What will you have accomplished at the end of it all?

    All that, American B-2s, Israeli F-15s and F-35s, all coordinating with cyber and intelligence, in return to sending the Iranians back by 2-4 years.

    Is it worth the risk of starting an all-out war?

    Soon, we will know what leaders think of this, because the rhetoric from the Iranians is getting more in-your-face by the day.

    How much more confident do the Iranians feel after their dealings with China and Russia? They might be feeling lucky, punk.

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