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Imagine getting into Canadian pot stocks five years ago: that would be a no-brainer, right? Anybody would go back in time and load up on weed stocks if they could somehow know just how explosive the industry – and those stocks – would soon become.

But what if I told you that you’d basically get a second chance at those kinds of gains, in that same industry? Okay, so it might be too late for quick 1,000% gains in some of the more famous and expensive Canadian marijuana stocks; you can buy them now, sure, but that’s not a ticket to the really big returns.

Now think about this: Israel is basically in the same position that Canada was five years ago. There are more than 40,000 medical marijuana patients there, and Israel decriminalized adult cannabis use on the first of April.

How powerful is the pro-cannabis movement in Israel? Put it this way: former Prime Minister Ehud Barak is now the chairman of an Israeli medical cannabis company and has joked that Israel’s motto is becoming “the land of milk, honey and cannabis.”

So, while everyone else is looking to Canada as the weed capital of the world, they’re actually looking in the wrong direction. To say that the nation of Israel presents a unique opportunity for cannabis-industry investment would be a gross understatement:

Courtesy: Isracann

There’s no shortage of sunlight and the humidity level is ideal for cultivating premium cannabis in Israel. And the emerging leader in this niche – it’s Israel’s very first pure-play cannabis farming deal, actually – is a company known as Isracann (CSE:IPOT).

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    I’m calling it a pure play because Isracann is wholly focused on becoming Israel’s premier, low-cost cannabis producer. The location really couldn’t be any better, as Israel is known worldwide for robust agriculture yield – not to mention leadership status in quality assurance, genetics research, and product development.

    And if you’re looking for top leadership in this flourishing market, Isracann is host to the best in the business. CEO Daryl Jones, who joined Isracann in 2018, has over 15 years of capital market experience and an established financial network. He took True Leaf Medicine public in early 2014 at a $10 million valuation and exited two years later at a $150 million market capitalization.

    Isracann also has a cannabis celebrity in its Director, Brett Allan, who has over 10 years of investment and capital markets experience. Mr. Allan has assisted in raising $400 million in the cannabis sector as the VP of Corporate Development for Organigram, a founding member of Emblem Health, and a founding member of The Green Organic Dutchman.

    So you’ve got the best canna-business team in Israel and the perfect climate to cultivate the product, not to mention a populace that’s ready for it – around 27% of Israeli adults already consume cannabis, and that number is sure to expand as regulations get worked out.

    Israel’s been on the forefront of the cannabis game since 2007, when they legalized cannabis-based medical research and cultivation, and finally a leader is emerging who can profit from it and provide consummate value to shareholders. Keep your eye on Isracann and get ready as a nation of innovators becomes the weed-biz capital of the world.

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    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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