It’s Your Money: BIDEN Gives Ukraine a Blank Check!

If We Could Only Print your Way to Prosperity

It’s got to be so upsetting; you’re looking at your government giving money to many foreign interests you’re thinking to yourself “WHY? What’s the return on investment for foreign aid?”

These could be dollars spent at home or could be saved…

Any dollar given to the Ukrainians is a mortgage on the future of your children, so why aren’t more Americans calling their congressmen and raising their concerns?

America is extremely divided. Tens of millions would rather America stay out of this conflict since it’s not happening on American soil – or even on the North American continent.

Others understand that the threat to American dominance in Europe and the Middle East is on the line and that if Putin advances and occupies Ukraine, he’ll want to conquer Poland, Romania, and Moldova next, waging war across Europe and driving the world into a massive depression, but they object to helping NATO if the price is uncontrollable deficit spending.

These Americans want to see a carefully thought-out plan where helping America’s allies doesn’t come at the expense of its financial strength.

Another group wants separatism. They’re fed up with interventionism and want nothing to do with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, or Ukraine. They want to bring the troops home, secure America’s borders, and stop policing the world.

None of these three outlooks is new; America has been internally conflicted over whether or not to meddle in the affairs of other nations for over 100 years (since WW1).

On one hand, nothing works in a vacuum. If American troops aren’t present, regional wars will ensue and challengers to America’s might will emerge, perhaps wanting to eventually chew it up from within and plunder its riches.

On the other hand, if America continues to judge how others run their businesses and tries to force its will on them, all you get is wasted effort and new enemies, especially when it costs so much to implement.

Americans have reached a point where they don’t believe in the narrative sold to them by the globalists, and the pushback is the most intense we’ve seen in the past 80 years.

Globalization and money-printing have led to borderline hyperinflation in 2021, so much so that the current FED regime is the most hawkish since Paul Volcker. The result of that has been the largest-ever wealth wipeout in human history. In 2022, a total of $35 trillion was vaporized “on paper” and in real equity, nearly double the amount of 2008, and the yield curve has reached an extreme inversion.

Courtesy:, Bloomberg

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