KEEP Them COMING: Up 35% in 3 DAYS!

I’d like to congratulate all the subscribers, who took massive action this week.

In the past month, we’ve covered three technically analyzed companies, which our systems detected had gone through capitulation and made significant bottoms.

On April 16th, when a gold development company, First Mining Gold, was priced at CAD$0.44, I pounded the table on it.

Though the spot price of gold has broken down, now trading below $1,300, this stock is up 20%, 3-times the return of hedge-fund billionaire, David Tepper, who is running around media outlets, celebrating his gains this year.

Check out First Mining Gold’s performance:

Then, on May 13th, we called the bottom on Wealth Minerals LTD, which then traded up from CAD$1.08 and reached a high of CAD$1.34 for a 25% gain in three days.

Now, we’ve really cranked-up the profits machine with International Cobalt (CSE: CO & US: COBAF), as shares have gone up for three consecutive days, collectively creating an astounding gain of 35%, overall.

This is more than the S&P 500 has managed to return since May 2016!

In three days, we’ve aggregated 26 months, which are 780 days of S&P 500 price action.

I guarantee that our next pick, which we’re currently reviewing and includes a rare combination of two of the fastest-growing industries in the world and a world-renowned tech investor at the helm, could even dwarf the gains we’ve already made.


What a week for International Cobalt!

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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