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“Mr. Silver,” Keith Neumeyer’s Largest and Core Zinc Investment Could Be the Market’s Top Performer in 2017!

After Nailing Our Last Zinc Pick of 2016 with a 324% Gain,
We’re Issuing An Immediate Alert Today.

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Since the early 1980s, one business builder has made a name for himself more than any other in the silver mining business: Portfolio Wealth Global’s closest contact, Mr. Keith Neumeyer.

Keith is a sizable shareholder in a new zinc-focused company, which, as he told my partner and me, “could gain more than 250% in a year’s time.” In fact, He told my partners shares are dirt cheap and he’s buying up shares on the open market and through their recent financing.

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Here’s what you fundamentally need to know about the zinc market and Zinc One right now:

  1. We’ve got skin in the game: My partners and I (Tom Beck) are also going long. We’re very disciplined investors, and we’re considering shares while they are cheap (under CAD$1.00). We will be adding to our position aggressively.
  2. Timing: The company just announced the completion of a CAD$10M financing, with the goal of advancing their flagship project, Bongara, into a producing mine within 2-3 years!The timing is ideal, as late-stage development stocks get plenty of attention.
  3. People, projects, and grades: The CEO of this company is a hardcore mine builder, and that’s by design. Zinc One (TSX-V: Z & US: ZZZOF) launched with the idea of buying a high-grade, “close to complete” asset and turning it into a commercial producer lightning fast.

Jim Walchuck fits like a glove. He managed mining for Barrick Gold at the Bulyanhulu mine in Tanzania, and later oversaw the construction of a multimillion-ounce underground mine in the highest quality possible. The point is that this guy is a mine specialist.


The project we’re excited about and zoning in on is Bongara.

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Those types of high grades are frequently found in 3rd-world countries where it would take 8-15 years to become a producer, rather than the 3-year timeline CEO Walchuck is outlining.

The Bongará Zinc Mine was discovered in 1974 and since then various companies have completed exploration programs across the area.

The Bongará Zinc Mine was mined in 2007 and 2008 by a previous owner with material mined by open-pit methods, dried at the site, and then shipped 540km westward to the coast where it was processed through a Waelz kiln, a processing technology typically applied to flue dust from steel mills to recover zinc. A greater than 60% Zn calcine was made and sold to smelters/refineries in Peru and the United States. A sinking zinc price was the principal reason for shutting down the mine in August, 2008.

Zinc One has access to all data and technical work that date back to the 1990s. A compilation of this information is included in the NI43-101-compliant Technical Report.

The opportunity is for immediate exposure to the zinc space through the Bongará Zinc Mine as well as Charlotte Bongará Project and Azulcocha West, which provides Zinc One with an excellent development project and a pipeline of exploration projects, all of which are located in a safe jurisdiction with a mining heritage.

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4. Zinc supply and demand: Unlike many commodities the world has plenty of, like iron ore, oil, copper, and lithium, when it comes to zinc, the world’s 3rd most in-demand metal, we’re witnessing a supply shortage.

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Not only does China need an incredible amount of zinc going forward for their $2T infrastructure plan, being the largest zinc consumer on the planet, they also need it for their car industry.

Chinese and Indian cars are outdated, and new vehicles now being sold to their emerging middle class need zinc for galvanizing and coating (anti-corrosion), which is 50% of the end use for the metal. On top of these, zinc has now found its way into massive agricultural uses.

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The demand keeps right on growing at a 2%-3% annual rate, but supply is actually decreasing, as major mines are being depleted. Last year, major mines were permanently shut down in Ireland and Australia, and because zinc usually isn’t produced as a primary metal when mining, but more as a byproduct, there aren’t many companies who can just ramp up production to meet this demand.

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What legendary mining business builder and entrepreneur Keith Neumeyer did by investing millions of dollars of his personal funds in this company — specifically in the May 2017 financing round — is meaningfully diversify out of silver for the first time and put his money to work in the zinc market.

Currently, the company has a sub-CAD$50M market cap, but as development progress and the exploration potential of the company’s additional projects come to light, investors will put a valuation of above CAD$120M on Zinc One (TSX-V: Z & US: ZZZOF) and we’ll be able to capitalize on this growth in a massive way!

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