One of the most remarkable character flaws of humans, which shine most brightly in a negative light by elected officials, is their inability to admit fault and CHANGE COURSE for the benefit of the nation, at the expense of suffering from some short-term flank, in the second that they’re decisions are proven to be wrong.

We all make mistakes, but hanging on to them is stupid.

Free trade is beneficial at certain moments and tariffs are critical at other times – nothing is static as the world’s economy keeps changing.

China, for example, now has a middle class that rivals that of many western nations. 30 years ago, they did not have such a thing.

In the early 1980s, the labor market in the U.S. lost its way. As the economy relied more and more on consumerism, and with the advent and popularization of credit cards, the government allowed countries without even an iota of intelligence compared with America and Europe to rapidly advance. They did this not ALONGSIDE the western world, but at its EXPENSE.

I’m not against countries becoming wealthier and modernized – I want ALL countries to enjoy life to the fullest, which is the reason I know that all presidents after 1971 need to apologize to the American people for betraying their trust.

Globalism has sucked the lifeblood out of the American productive work machine.  

Introduction of tariffs is the first in a series of moves that aim to reverse this process of getting suckered into bad deals.

Tariffs have been used in America throughout its rise to wealth and glory. In fact, not having tariffs is unnatural for this country.

Free trade serves countries that bend the rules. For example, employees in the U.S. have rights that Chinese workers do not enjoy. So, when deciding between employing a local American who can only work on certain days, during specific hours and with the threat of getting sued by the employee for misconduct or for not respecting any of the thousand stipulations that government has legislated, or employing someone from East Asia, who would get sacked for even making a sound, corporations will nearly always flock to the unregulated market, the “slave labor” pool.

The corporation will, as a result, enjoy thicker margins and zero accountability towards the workers.

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Trump is making sure countries that have these inhumane “advantages” will, at least, pay the U.S. for the privilege of selling products to its developed consumer marketplace.

Free trade works when your economy is poor and you allow foreigners to freely access and train your population base. This is a DIRE MISTAKE for a wealthy and developed nation, since they’re giving up all of the advantages of their purchasing power.

Trump is doing what presidents in the 1980s should have done, back when U.S. consumers were as precious as gold. No other market was even close. All countries would have paid BIG BUCKS and gladly forked over tariffs, because the U.S. retail segment was buying up everything.

In the years ahead, U.S. presidents will need to truly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the United States of America, and let its features shine while they dumb down its soft spots.

This is a race and the U.S. is sorely losing out to its peers. What’s unique about the U.S. is that its values and way of life are what bind its citizens, not ethnicity. So its propensity to dissolve at the sight of crisis and panic is greater than those of ethnic groups, who share blood, heritage, and traditions going back thousands of years.

The U.S. is facing its greatest ever test between division and unity since the civil war.

To an extent, the division between HAVES and HAVE NOTS is already a battlefield, and is being fought by generals who are billionaires and politicians.

The 2020 elections will help clarify who is winning this conflict of destinies; the U.S. continues from here to a new path of socialism or a revival of capitalism.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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