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I’m looking forward to another year of market-beating returns and INSIGHTFUL strategies. I’m already putting together my list, and there’s a gold company that you need to watch very closely.

I’m OWN physical precious metals, but I LOVE using gold stocks for leveraged gains whenever the spot gold price goes up. Many of my biggest gainers have been Canadian junior gold miners. The ones I recommend are always publicly-listed, have sufficient of trading volume, and are easy to obtain in North America and for anyone in the world with access to Canadian and U.S. stocks.

As a researcher, I watch not only the companies, but their specific gold projects. I’ve had my eye on the 4.5-million-ounce Toroparu Gold Project, located in a particularly mineral-rich region of Guyana. With an estimated 10,503,000 contained ounces of gold, Toroparu is the largest undeveloped gold deposit in South America that’s held by a junior mining company.

Toroparu remains largely unexplored, but the surrounding area has produced large quantities of gold in the past. In fact, experts have determined that with sufficient systematic exploration, the Guiana Shield area, which includes Toroparu, will yield additional major gold deposits on the scale of its neighboring regions.

Courtesy: Gold X Mining Corp. Investor Presentation

The company that’s mining for gold on the Toroparu Project was known in the mining community as Gold X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & OTC: SSPXD).

I’m looking forward to 2020 as a tremendous year for both my physical gold holdings and the junior miners on my list – and I can tell you right now that GLDX will be on my list for the full year.

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    The company also announced that it’s consolidating its shares on an 8-to-1 basis. Consolidating the shares is a brilliant move because this will allow Gold X Mining Corp.’s stock to become more accessible to global institutional investors – this could potentially move the share price up as large-scale capital from around the world flows in.

    I also learned of changes in the Gold X team as CEO Richard Munson is welcoming a number of industry leaders on board – including CFO Bassam Moubarak, Brian Paes Braga and Paul Matysek in advisory roles, all of whom will bring enhanced experience, knowledge, and vision to Gold X.

    The Northern Miner ranked this company number 8 among the top 10 U.S.-based mid-tier and junior precious metal companies, but I’m personally ranking Gold X as number 1 in terms of sheer value: SSP shares were trading far below the company’s intrinsic value and GLDX will do the same, but don’t expect the stock price to stay low for much longer.

    Keeping costs low is essential to Gold X Mining Corp. shares as a value proposition, and cost-efficiency sets the company apart from its peers in the industry. For instance, Gold X is using hydroelectric power in order to reduce the cash operating costs at Toroparu by USD$350 to $400 million over the life of the mine.

    Courtesy: Gold X Mining Corp.

    An agreement with the government of Guyana has made it easier and faster for Gold X Mining Corp. to explore and mine the region; additionally, Gold X has a top team of experienced Guyanese equipment operators, maintenance personnel, and administrative staff on the Toroparu worksite.

    The potential for yield is so strong here that we’re literally seeing another gold company buying millions of Gold X stock shares. A recent press release, in fact, has revealed that Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (GCM) bought up literally millions of common shares and share purchase warrants of Gold X – the gold sector EXPERTS are clearly placing bullish bets on this company.

    So now you know my strategy: own physical gold for portfolio protection and build a position in junior miners for enhanced returns. GLDX is a new ticker, but the company still has the gold assets that will move the needle and magnify the gains. 2020 will be an incredible year for gold, miners, and especially investors that follow the insider big-money moves into GLDX.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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